Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Ahmadis and Lahore Resolution

March 23, 1940

The Indian Muslim League was founded in Dacca in 1906 by then High Highness Agha Khan, but when compared to Indian Congress Party, it was a club of Nawabs and rich Muslims.

The real life in Indian Muslim League came, when at the behest of Hadrat Mirza Bashir ud Din Mahmud Ahmad, the then head of the Ahmadiyya Jamat, Mr Mohammed Ali returned to India from UK. He turned Indian Muslim League around.

In 1931, an Ahmadi - Ch Zafrulla Khan - became the President of the Indian Muslim League. This Ahmadi enjoyed a unique reputation. He was respected by his contemporary Muslim leaders and his opinion was greatly respected by Indian Viceroys.

So much so, Mr Wali Khan - an inveterate opponent of Pakistan is his book, Facts are Facts attributed the idea of Pakistan to Ch Zafrulla Khan, the way the Mr Wali Khan presented, it sounded as if "Pakistan was a figment of the British machination" which Ch Zafrulla in an interview to Daily Nawai Waqt denied and deplored the colouring Mr Wali Khan put on it, in search of reviving his own leadership.

As Ch Zafrulla Khan had been a judge of the Indian Federal Court and had a judicial mind, he was asked to look at the draft of the Lahore Resolution and he did do the fine tuning of the Lahore Resolusion, the language and the constitutional complexity of the resolution.

Footnote: It may be mentioned here that from 1940-46, (the crucial period of) the Indian Muslim League and Syed and Begum Shafi Ahmad — Ahmadi Journalists were co-tenants with Indian Muslims League in Delhi and occasionally the Secretary of the Indian Muslim League Mr Shamshul Hasan would come and consult Mr. Shafi Ahmad about day to day problems in running the office and seek his assistance.

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