Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Home Critical Analysis/Archives ERROR AT THE APEX
Error at the Apex - Invasive Interpretation of Human Rights - Mujeeb-ur-Rehman
Oriental Publishers
2414 Major Mackenzie Drive,
P.O. Box 96565
Maple, Ontario L6A 1B0,
Published in Canada, August 2002
ISBN 1-882494-25-3

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“…… As long as the human beings are not free from error, no intellectual opinion can ever be the last word.
……The judges of the Supreme Court also need to know where they sometimes go wrong so that they may correct themselves for the future; and the law may progress……
This book is a refreshing example of a healthy and balanced criticism……
……I hope the members of the bar and the teachers of law will make it a tradition to publish fair comments on important judgments of the Supreme Court……”
K.M.A. Samdani
(Justice Retired)
“Written by a lawyer seeking legal redress for his clients, this book quite naturally emphasizes case law and legal theory. It has, however, wider ramification in the fields of political theory and comparative religion……
……When this religious authoritarianism is weeded to the mechanisms of state power, the result is an assault on the human, civil and religious rights of dissenting minorities.
……To follow Mujeeb-ur-Rehman’s dauntless progress through the law courts of Pakistan is to see this conflict exemplified in the struggle of the Ahmadis to affirm their self-identity as Muslims in the face of draconian legislation inspired by religious inquisitors under the pretext of protecting orthodox Islam.”
Antonio R. Gualtieri
Professor of Religion (retired)
Carleton University. Ottawa. Canada
Invasive Interpretation of Human Rights
Supreme Court of Pakistan Judgment
Ahmadis' Case
Zaheerud Din vs The State
(1993 SCMR 1718)
Dedication This work is dedicated to those who were incarcerated for no crime, other than upholding their faith.

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