Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Home Critical Analysis/Archives Report on Punjab Disturbances of 1953
Report of The Court of Inquiry


The issue of ‘Afaq’ of 19th July under the heading ‘Qadianiyon ke imam ki ek nihayat afsosnak taqrir’ reproduced an address by the head of the Ahmadiya community which had been published in the ‘Alfazl’ of 11th January, 1952, and adversely commented upon it, while the issue of 20th July published reports of the celebration of Yaum-i-Mutalilba in different places in the Province.

The issue of this paper for 30th July devoted a leader to the discussion of Muslim League’s resolution on khatm-i-nubuwwat. The article pointed out that one of the demands made of the Provincial Muslim League was that the Mirzais should be declared to be outside the pale of Islam and that the correctness of this demand had been admitted by the Muslim League because in his speech Mr. Daultana had unequivocally declared that, in the unanimous opinion of the Muslim League, Mirzais who did not believe in the doctrine of ‘khatm-i-nubuwwat’ were not Musalmans. The article appreciated this declaration and asked if any other responsible leader had ever made such an unequivocal declaration and proceeded to compliment the Punjab Muslim, League and its leader for it. The article explained that while the Muslim League had expressed itself in favour of the demands, it had not taken a decision on the subject because the question, being a constitutional one, related not only to the Punjab but to the whole of Pakistan, and that it was for this reason that the settlement of the issue had been left for the All-Pakistan Muslim League and the Constituent Assembly. The article hoped that the Pakistan Muslim League and the Constituent Assembly would not now hesitate to declare the Qadianis a minority, and drew pointed attention to that part of the resolution which had impressed on Musalmans their religions duty of protecting the life, property and honour of all citizens of Pakistan.

Another article appeared in the issue of 19th July, 1952, which attempted to make the point that the alarming and menacing situation, prevailing in the country was the result of addresses and speeches delivered by Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad and aggressive designs of the Ahmadis.

The issue of 6th August published a selection of objectionable extracts from the ‘Alfazl’ containing statements by the present leader of the Ahmadiya community, while that of 1st September reproduced Mr. Daultana’s speech in Hazuri Bagh.

In the issue dated 28th February there appeared a letter from a contributor, Akbar Muradpuri, in which some questions together with their answers from Ahmadiya writings were published in order to show that Qadianis were a separate ummat.

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