Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Report of The Court of Inquiry


It is surprising that the Board of Ta’limat-i-Islami which is a Government body should also have jumped whole-heartedly into this business of direct action. Maulana Suleman Nadvi, the President, Maulana Zafar Ahmad Ansari, the Secretary and Maulana Muhammad Shafi, member of the Board, were parties to the resolutions relating to the direct action and the getting up of a Majlis-i-Amal. All these gentlemen, we understand, are in Government employ and receive substantial emoluments. It may be that ulama live in a world of their own and judge things by their own standards but nobody has yet enunciated to us the principle by which a person can conscientiously remain in Government, receive a substantial pay from the public exchequer and at the same time be a party to a movement which is nothing less than a revolt against that very Government. If these gentlemen were so perturbed over the Qadiani issue, they should have like honest people severed their connection with Government before they became parties to a direct action resolution against their own employer. None of them ever dared publicly to declare that direct action did not have his approval or to denounce what was happening in the name of such action, and in the absence of any such declaration they are as much responsible for the disturbances as other members of the Convention.

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