Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Appendix B: Supplementary material provide to the mission

B10 Translation of FIR 480/06, provided by the Ahmadi Community, Rabwah

First Information Report, about a cognizable offence under Section 154 of Penal Code.
No: 480 - Police Station: Chenab Nagar - District Jhang - Date & Time of Occurrence: Not known

Date and time of report
Report 12 at 3:15 pm on 9.9.06
Name & Residence of person reporting and complainant
On receipt of report compiled by Sub-Inspector Asghar Ali, 96 Chenab Nagar
Brief description of the crime (with relevant section) & property if something has been lost
9ATA/16MPO PPC 298B and 298C
Place of occurrence & its distance and direction from the Police Station
In Chenab Nagar Town at 1 Km westward book 17
Investigation carried out. If any delay in registering the complaint, its reasons.
On receipt of intimation
Date & time of departure from the Police Station.
Special Report

Signature: Sikandar AliRank : Sub- Inspector

Reference case under 9ATA/16MPO 298B/298C: Today I am present at Aqsa Square along with constables from Police Post Chenab Nagar, Muhammad Nawaz 1579/C, Zafar Iqbal 459/C and Nausher Khan 831/C. Under orders of Letter No. 40824 dated 6 September 2006 issued by A.I.G. Operations, Central Police Office Lahore, I along with my colleagues have arrived at the location where the daily Alfazl is published, Ziaul Islam Printing Press, Chenab Nagar. Hate promoting literature is published in the daily Alfazl. It was checked and found that hate-promoting news are published in the daily Alfazl. Qadianis preach their religion and call themselves Muslims, which is forbidden to them. Some parts of the daily Alfazl are hate promoting. Printing press is managed by Agha Saifullah and Sultan Ahmad Dogar; they have other persons also who distribute it in Pakistan. The above accused have hurt the feelings of Muslims by printing and distributing the daily Alfazl. From the circumstances, prima facie a crime has been committed under 9ATA/16MPO/298B/298C; therefore the case is sent by hand of Muhammad Nawaz 1579/C to the Police Station for its registration. Please intimate the case number, after the registration. I am busy investigating. The clerk should also inform superior officials thereafter by special report. Asghar Ali SI Police Post Jhang 9906, from Ziaul Islam Printing Press Chenab Nagar, Jhang at 2.45 pm.
At Police Station. On receipt of the case and the first information of crime under the said clauses, case was registered and was sent by hand of the dispatch constable for investigation. The SHO is being informed accordingly. Also special reports are being sent to competent officials. (Sd/-) Sikandar Ali SI/DO Chenab Nagar 9-9-06.

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