Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Author: Mirza Tahir Ahmad ra, 4th Caliph of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.
Description: Any divide between revelation and rationality, religion and logic has to be irrational. If religion and rationality cannot proceed hand in hand, there has to be something deeply wrong with either of the two. Does revelation play any vital role in human affairs? Is not rationality sufficient to guide man in all the problems which confront him? Numerous questions such as these are examined with minute attention.
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Author: Sir Muhammad Zafarullah Khan
Description: This book provides a translation by Sir Muhammad Zafarullah Khan of the Riyad as-Salihin, literally "Gardens of the Rightous", written by the Syrian Shafi'i scholar Muhyi ad-din Abu Zakariyya' Yahya b. Sharaf an-Nawawi (1233-78), who was the author of a large number of legal and biographical work, including celebrated collection of forty well-known hadiths, the Kitab al-Arba'in (actually containing some forty three traditions.), much commented upon in the Muslim countries and translated into several European languages. His Riyad as-Salihin is a concise collection of traditions, which has been printed on various occasions, e.g. at Mecca and Cairo, but never before translated into a western language. Hence the present translation by Muhammad Zafarullah Khan will make available to those unversed in Arabic one of the most typical and widely-known collection of this type.
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Author: By Hadhrat Mirza Bashiruddin M. Ahmed (ra), The 2nd Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.
Description: Inspiring introduction initially written as a prologue to the English translation and commentary of the Holy Quran, now printed separately by popular demand. Includes an excellent and affectionate life sketch of Muhammad (pbuh), the Holy Prophet of Islam; a history of the compilation of the Quran; some prophecies in the Quran and how these have been fulfilled; and characterestics of the main Quranic teachings.
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Plight of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan

Demands of the Anti-Ahmadiyya Islamic Clergy

The Anti-Ahmadiyya clergy has waged a relentless struggle against the basic human rights of Ahmadis since the inception of Pakistan. Their aims and objects are best expressed in the form of Demands and Resolutions made by them in their conferences, rallies, meetings and periodicals. Majlis Tahaffuz Khatame Nabuwwat (MTKN) is their central organization which co-ordinates all policies, plans and operations. A study of these demands, reproduced below, may portray these as unrealistic and unsupportable, even bizarre, but it is a fact that the government of Pakistan has granted and MTKN has already achieved more than what they demanded in the early years of Pakistan. However, their appetite is insatiable, and fulfillment of each demand gives rise to the raising of a new one. With Mr. Tarar as the President of Pakistan and Raja Zafar-ul-Haq as the Federal Minister of Religious Affairs (both of them are members of the Advisory Council of MTKN, according to its Secretary General) the MTKN has high hopes of attaining a great deal more, even if according to the saner elements of the society it is nothing but absurd and cruel. Here-under, some of their demands are listed which are made repeatedly at every suitable occasion.


Mirzai and Qadiani are the derogatory terms used for Ahmadis by their opponents.
The name Mirza Tahir refers to the present [IVth] Supreme Head of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat.
In references given, MTKN stands for Majlis Tahaffuz Khatame Nabuwwah (Organization for the Defense of the Finality of Prophethood); it is the foremost anti-Ahmadi body in Pakistan and abroad. KN stands for its monthly Khatame Nabuwwat.
Laulak and Khatame Nabuwwa periodicals are the organs of MTKN.

Their Demands and Resolutions

Anti-Ahmadiyya demands: 1. Death to Ahmadiyyat 2. Ahmadis be removed from all key appointments. With Mullas, almost all state posts are key appointments.A complete and effective ban should be imposed upon Qadiani faith.
Qadianis should be subjected to punishment (of death) according to Sharia for rebellion against Islam and their apostasy.
Forbid dissemination of Qadianism even at their own center.
The entire literature of Qadianis should be confiscated and destroyed.
Remove Qadianis from all government posts.
Hold Muslims, who maintain social relations with Qadianis, accountable.

Shabane Khatame Nabuwwat, Khushab - 1999

All copies of the Holy Quran and their translations published by Qadianis should be confiscated from all libraries in the country and their printers should be arrested. Films and blocks of originals should be recovered, and Qadianis should be tried in special courts.

MTKN - Nawai Waqt, Multan 20 Jan 1992.

All Qadianis/Mirzais who have sought asylum in Germany should be extradited from there and they should be tried in Pakistani courts as traitors and for bringing a bad name to the country.

MTKN - Nawai Waqt, Lahore 12 Jul 1998

Approval should not be granted to establish any school under Qadiani management; schools already functioning should be closed down forthwith.

MTKN - Current Report, Faisalabad 6 Mar 1998

All Qadiani sports rallies and periodicals should be banned.

MTKN - The Daily Din: 24 Feb 1998

Qadianis should not be appointed as judges

Pasban Khatme Nabuwwat 23 Nov 1997

Qadianis should not be appointed in key posts of sensitive departments such as Pakistan International Airlines, the Army, Television etc.
Qadiani educational institutions should not be returned to them. These should be retained by the State or handed over to Muslims.
Qadianis are apostates. Punishment of apostasy (death) should be imposed upon them.
Warn Qadianis to either convert to Islam or face death.
Qadianis should be prevented from building places of worship identical to a mosque and using Kalima (Islamic creed) and Quranic verses in their homes and places of worship.
Mention of religion should be made in national identity cards.
Mirza Tahir should be tried in a court.

MTKN - The Daily Jang 4 Oct 1997

All Mirzai associations and organizations should be forbidden by law, including the Ahmadiyya Students Federation.
Implement recommendations of the Islamic Ideology Council immediately. (These include death for apostasy etc. Tr.)

Ahrar Resolutions - The weekly Chatan, 19 Mar 1984

The banner in the street exhorts: O Muslims, boycott Qadiani ApostatesArrest Mirza Tahir forthwith, book him for rebellion against Pakistan's Constitution and the Islamic Umma, and give him befitting punishment.

Jamiat Momineen-Al Minbar, 16 Apr 1983

Announcement should be made by 1 May 1997 to hang Mirza Tahir.

MTKN - The Daily Khabrain, 26 Feb 1997

The government should register a case of rebellion against the Qadianis' chief, Mirza Tahir Ahmad, recover him through the Interpol and hand him over to Muslims to be dispatched to hell.

Saifulla Farooqui, Chairman Sipah Islam, Pakistan The Daily Jang 31 Dec 1997

The Editor of the Qadiani newspaper Alfazl and the other four captives should be lashed in public, their faces should be blackened and then they should be hanged. Nothing less is acceptable.
We consider that both the questioner and the responder who introduced Abdus Salam Qadiani as a Muslim scientist on a TV program on 2 August are Qadianis. We demand most forcefully that both should be sentenced to death under Martial Law and in accordance with the Constitution, without delay, for open rebellion. Others involved belonging to the TV management should be declared as apostates and they should be sent to prison after lashing them in public.

MTKN Tando Adam resolutions-Alminber 29 Jan 1983

Inscription of Kalima (Islamic creed) should be effaced by the Government from all the Qadiani places of worship all over the country.

KN 22 Mar 1985

The government should act against Qadianis the same way as the Iranian government moved against Bihais to uproot them. Dismiss all Mirzais from the armed forces.

MTKN - Laulak 10 Jan 1974

A ban should be imposed forthwith on Qadianis to travel abroad.
Rabwah should be declared an open city and its unoccupied spaces should be distributed among Muslims.

MTKN - The Weekly Laulak, 18 Jan 1974

Qadiani missions should be closed all over the world.
The incumbent Principal of the Rabwah College (an Ahmadi) should be replaced with a Muslim principal.

The Weekly Laulak, 19 Mar 1974

Qadianis cannot be permitted to build their place of worship as a mosque.
Important features of a mosque are a niche pointing toward Qibla (at Mecca), a minber, a minaret and that Azan is announced from there; it is a disrespect to Islamic rites if these features are found in a non-Islamic house of worship.
If adaptation by non-Muslims of Islamic dress, style, cap and turban, shoes and the hair-line has not been tolerated (in the past), how can Islam permit non-Muslims to design their places of worship like a mosque.

The Weekly Laulak, 14 May 1974

(Peoples Party) should not award the party ticket to any Mirzai (for elections).

The Weekly Laulak, 2 Jul 1976

Punish rebels of Khatam Nabiyyeen (The last Prophet) the same way as the rebels of a State.

The Weekly Laulak. 21 Jul 1976

Following resolutions were passed at the international Rabita Alame Islami Conference on 8 April 1974:

Observe a complete boycott against Ahmadis in the economic, social and cultural fields. In view of their Kufr (infidelity), matrimonial relations with them should be desisted, and they may not be buried in Muslims' graveyards.
The conference demands all Muslim states that all activities of followers of the self-styled prophet, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, should be banned, and they should be declared a non-Muslim minority. All important State posts should be denied to them.
People should be warned against their translations of the Quran, and publication and circulation of these translations should be checked.
Reported in the Weekly Chatan, 6 May 1974
To claim ‘prophecy’ should be termed a punishable offence in Pakistan.
Followers of the self-proclaimed prophet, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, should be declared as a separate minority and their rights should be codified accordingly.
They should be dismissed from all key posts.
Extract from a poster by MTKN - Tehrik KN Vol. III page 929
The back door of joint-electorates may not be opened for Mirzais.
Ban all non-Islamic preaching activities.
Extract from a poster by Mullas reproduced in Tehrik Khatame Nabuwwa Vol. Ill (Annex)

In 1984, the Government directed all officials in state service to declare their religion. The monthly Khatame Nabuwwat urged the Government to implement the move in the following manner:

A mosque built at Rabwah by extremists as a propaganda base against Ahmadiyyat. The land was a grant from the government.

  1. It should be proclaimed that all Mirzais who will make a wrong statement (of their faith) would be hanged in public.
  2. Task the intelligence agencies to actively locate such individuals.
  3. Dismiss all officials who feel liberal towards Qadianism.
  4. Those who point out hidden Qadianis would be rewarded with cash or promotion, after due inquiry.
  5. Assure all such Muslims of state protection and encouragement.
  6. It should be proclaimed that anyone found supporting a Qadiani will be punished; no excuse will be heard and he will be dismissed from government service.
Editorial - KN 13 Dec

Qadianis should be given an ultimatum that, if by a specified date, they repent and convert to Islam, it will be better, otherwise the duty of defending the Khatame Nabuwwat will be performed by declaring a Jihad and war against them.

KN 1 Mar 1985
Implement Sharia punishment for apostasy (i.e. death).
Rabwah should be renamed Siddique Abad.
Religion should be specified in an individual's Identity Card and his educational certificates.
Confine Qadianis to their minority quota (and not merit-Tr.)
Permission to publish Qadiani periodicals and newspapers should be withdrawn.
Authorization to print the Holy Quran should be also withheld.
Qadianis should be put aside from all civil and military key posts.
Khatam Nabuwwat Conference at Chiniot KN I Feb 1985

Last but not least:

Qadiani religious properties should be taken over by the State.
Punishment (of death) for Apostasy should be included in the law book.
Manzoor Ahmad Chinioti, General Secretary of MTKN
Reported in the Daily Jang, 28 Nov 1998

From the Archives
Discriminate Application of the Religious Laws in the Penal Code
Although some of the religious laws in Pakistan are not apparently Ahmadi-specific, the authorities apply them discriminately against Ahmadis. For example, PPC 295-A forbids 'Deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion or religious beliefs' and prescribes imprisonment for a term which may extend to 10 years. However, while mullahs, almost daily, hurl abuses and insults on loudspeaker on Ahmadis and their faith, none is ever asked by the authorities to explain his foul attacks and highly provocative behavior. On the other hand an Ahmadi, even if he invokes God's blessings on the Holy Prophet of Islam, is arrested on a still more grievous charge of Blasphemy. Justice is supposed to be blind, but here, it is the authorities that are so.

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