Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Author: Mirza Tahir Ahmad ra, 4th Caliph of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.
Description: Any divide between revelation and rationality, religion and logic has to be irrational. If religion and rationality cannot proceed hand in hand, there has to be something deeply wrong with either of the two. Does revelation play any vital role in human affairs? Is not rationality sufficient to guide man in all the problems which confront him? Numerous questions such as these are examined with minute attention.
No. of Pages: 756 (read it online)
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Author: Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmadra, 4th Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
Description: This is a compiled lecture delivered at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre (London) by the 4th Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. It contains comprehensive discussion on interest; financial aid; international relations; and the role of Israel, America and the United Kingdom in a new world order. Message of this great lecture is timeless and relates to the future propects for peace. If the speaker is proved right in most of his predictions, as he has already been proved right in some of them, no one can afford to ignore this message.
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Author: Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, The Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi
Description: Fully cross-referenced English translation of the Universally acclaimed exegesis, delivered at the conference of Great Religions held in Lahore in December 1896. Subjects include the physical, moral and spiritual states of man; proofs of existence of God; the state of man after death; sources of Divine knowledge; others. An excellent introduction to the study of Islam. (read it online)
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Plight of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan
Details of Ahmadis Implicated under
The Blasphemy Law, PPC 295C
(Penal Code for defiling the Sacred Name of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, on whom be peace, punishable with Death)

It is asserted without any risk of exaggeration that all cases of Blasphemy against Ahmadis are fabricated and false. Just as no practicing Christian would commit blasphemy against Jesus, no Ahmadi would ever consider being blasphemous against the Prophet of Islam. Ahmadis have been often charged under this law simply for showing their commitment to the Islamic creed and the Holy Prophet and Islam. In fact, opponents and authorities have frequently added this serious clause to the charge sheet of Ahmadis as a matter of routine. In many cases, non-Ahmadis who had personal feuds against Ahmadis got them implicated in fabricated Blasphemy cases.

NrAhmadi Accused; Where and WhenOutline of the Case
Mirza Muhammad Din Naz, Editor Monthly Ansarullah; Qazi Munir Ahmad, Printer; Muhammad Ibrahim, Printer
At Rabwah; on 15 June 1986
The management staff of this Ahmadiyya periodical was booked simply for printing an article on the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be on him).
Khalil Ahmad, Amir Ahmadiyya Community
Sanghar (Sind)
At Shahdadpur; on 17 Feb 87
A non-Ahmadi lawyer, Muhammad Ishaq took a magazine from the accused, for reading. He subsequently delivered the magazine to Mulla Hamadi, who filed a case against the accused for preaching.
Mukhtar Ahmad; Abdur Rehman; Ali Ahmed
At Shahdadpur; on 13 August 87
For reciting Quranic verses & reciting Darud i.e. invoking blessings upon the Holy Prophet Muhammad (on whom be peace)
Sheikh Muhammad Aslam; Mushtaq Ahmad; Muhammad Islam; Qureshi Noor Ahmad
At Qasur; on 27 August 87
For displaying Kalima (Islamic creed), on their houses, shop and mosque
Kaleem Ahmad
At Nankana; on 28 August 1987
He was accused of allegedly tearing a poster of Khatme Nabuwwat Organization.
Hakim Jamil
At Khushab; on 28 Oct 87
He was accused of displaying Kalima (Islamic creed) on Ahmadiyya Mosque, and applying paint on a board erected by Khatme Nabuwwat Organization.
Maulana Dost Muhammad Shahid;Nazeer Ahmad; Manzoor Ahmad; Munawar Ahmad; Muhammad Yousaf; Shabbir; Nasir; Zafar; Shabir Ahmad Shahid; Khalid ; Saleem
At Gujranwala; on 23 March 88
They were accused of preaching.
Rasheed Ahmad Khan
At Sangarh; on 5 April 88
Charged for displaying Quranic Verse at his house
Malik Nisar Ahmad; Malik Noor Muhammad; Aashiq Mahmud
At Sambarial; on 14 Apr
They were accused of writing Kalima (Islamic creed) on their houses.
Mirza Mubarak Ahmad
At Sangarh; on 3 Jan 89
He was accused of writing following prayers in a letter;
In the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful
We praise the Holy Prophet Muhammad & invoke blessings of Allah for him,
and his servant, the Promised Messiah
Sheikh Muhammad Yusuf; Sheikh Muhammad Aslam; Mrs. Aslam; Mrs. Farida Farhat; Malik Abdur Rabb; Khawaja Khalil Ahmad; Captain Muhammad Zakariya; Sajid Nadeem; Sheikh Muhammad Anwar
AtQasur; on 20 Sep 89
They were accused of writing following verses and prayers on a wedding invitation card.
In the name of Allah the Gracious, the Merciful,
Assalamo Alaikum (peace be on you)
Inshallah (If God so wills)
Mirza Muhammad Din Naz, Editor Ansarullah; Chaudhry Muhammad Ibrahim, Publisher; Qazi Munir Ahmad, Printer; and Manager
At Rabwah; on 11 Sep 90
They were accused of posing themselves as Muslim through publishing articles on Islam.
Muhammad Ashraf Sindhu, Advocate
At Lahore; in October 90
He was implicated in a false case of alleged blasphemy.
Khawaja Muhammad Amin; Malik Inayatullah; Hameed ul Hasan Shah; Muhammad Yusuf; Malik Nisar Ahmad; Masud Ahmad Zaragar
At Sambrial; on 8 March 91
Accused of displaying Kalima (Islamic creed) on their houses and mosque
Ghaffar Ahmad; Basharat Ahmad; Mahboob Ahmad; Muhammad Yaqub; Muhammad Aslam Mughal; Rahmatullah; and Muhammad Ismail
At Distt: Sialkot; on 21 Sept 91
They were accused of displaying Kalima (Islamic creed) on their houses and shops.
At Shahdara; on 29 Oct 92
Falsely accused of blasphemy
Mobashir Ahmad; Ghulam Ban; Nasir Ahmad Baluch; Abdul Quddus
At Kotri; on 31 Mar 92
They were implicated for describing the beauties of Ahmadiyyat at their own Center.
Ijaz Ahmad; Shahid Mureed; Muhammad Sharif; Iftikhar Ahmad; Imtiaz Ahmad; Abdul Qadeer; Inam Ahmad; Shahbaz Ahmad; Bakht Ali; Abdullah Abid; Masud Ahmad; Mahtab Ahmad; Kashif Ahmad; Sadiq Ali; Saeed Ahmad; Farhan Ahmad; Rafiq Ahmad; Muhammad; Muhammad Aslam; Faruq Ahmad
At Kotri; on 3 April 92
The entire prayers assembly, including the Imam offering Friday Prayers in Ahmadiyya Mosque was arrested. All participants were charged of blasphemy.
Ch. Nasir Ahmad; Mrs. Nasir Ahmad; Chaudhry Sarfraz Ahmad; Mrs. Sarfraz Ahmad; Ch. Muhammad Yusuf; Ch. Bashir Ahmad; Ch. Khalid Ahmad; Ijaz Ahmad; Ch. Sikandar Pervez; Ch. Bashir Ahmad; Ch. Babar; Ch. Shah Rukh Sikandar; Ijaz Ahmad
At Nankana; on 16 May 92
They were all booked for writing following prayers on a wedding invitation card:
Bismillahir Rahman-ir-Rahim; Assalamo Alaikum; Inshallah.
The accused included a 9 months old baby. The main accused, Mr. Nasir Ahmad remained behind bars for weeks. Even the High Court rejected his bail application. Supreme Court of Pakistan eventually awarded him the bail.
Mansoor Ahmad Khan; Syed Ahmad Ali Shah; Mirza Abdur Raheem Beg; Sadruddin Khokhar; Ch. Nazir Ahmad; Syed Sakhawat Shah;,The General Secretary; Financial Secretrary; M.J.Asad; Abdul Malik
At Karachi; On 5 Oct 92
These leaders of the Ahmadiyya Community were charged for writing following prayers in letters written by them to various persons:
Bismilla hir Rahman ir Rahim i.e. in the name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful.
Assalamo Alaikum i.e. May peace be upon you.
The letters were intercepted and stolen from the Post Office.
Chaudhry Ateeq Ahmad Bajwah District Vehari;
on 10 Nov 92
He was charged for using Islamic epithets while addressing District bar meeting.
Rana Irsal Ahmad, Ahmadiyya Missionary Sargodha
At Karana; on 26 Nov 92
Accused of preaching and blasphemy
Syed Bashir Ahmad
At Abbotabad; on 27 July 93
For presenting a book titled ‘My Mother’ authored by Sir Mohammad Zafrulla Khan
Mian Rafiq Ahmad; Mian Saad
At Lahore; on 9 Oct 93
Accused of preaching
Riaz Ahmad; Basharat Ahmad; Qamar Ahmad; Mushtaq Ahmad
At Mianwali; on 21 Nov 93
The accuser had a personal feud with accused; to settle it he fabricated a Blasphemy story. The accused stayed in prison for over four years before their release on bail.
Nasim Safi (Editor); Saifullah Khan (Manager); Qazi Munir Ahmad (Printer)of the Daily Alfazi
At Rabwah; on 15 Jan 94
The Sessions Judge Chiniot, rejecting their bail application, added charge under 295 C for printing the word ‘Huzoor’ for Head of the Ahmadiyya Community.
Nasim Safi (Editor): Saifullah Khan(Manager); Qazi Munir Ahmad (Printer) of the Daily Alfazal
At Rabwah; on 21 Jan 94
Charges pushed by the government for contents in four issues during October & November 1994.
Mirza Mohammad Din Naz (Editor); Ch. M. Ibrahim (Manager); Qazi Munir Ahmad (Printer) of Monthly ‘Ansarullah’
At Rabwah; on 15 Jan 94
Authorities pushed the Blasphemy charge for contents in June 1994 issue of the Monthly.
Dr. Akhtar Majoka
At Noorpur, (Khushab); on 21 Feb 94
Accused of preaching
Zafar Ahmad Tanoli; Rafi Ahmad Tanoli
At Abbotabad; on 21 Sep 94
Charged for preaching
Abdul Qadir Dahri; Qazi Munir Ahmad; Sheikh Ghous Baksh; Agha Saifullah; Mohammad Ibrahim
At Tando Adam; on 12 Oct 94
Simply for translating parts of the Holy Quran in Sindhi
Mian Iqbal Ahmad
At Rajanpur; on 12 Oct 94
Falsely accused of blasphemy
Nasir Ahmad
At Hafizabad; on 9 Oct 95
Accused of preaching
Ch. Abdul Latif; Dr. Mohammad Ismail; Ijaz Ahmad; Nisar Ahmad; Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad
At Faiz Ganj (Khairpur); on 10 Oct 95
Accused of displaying banners with Quranic verses in a gathering of Ahmadis
Ch. Mohammad Anwar
At Dajal (Rajanpur); on 28 Jan 96
Accused of preaching Ahmadiyyat
Zahoor Ahmad; Noor Hussain
At Wara (Larkana); on 16 Nov 95
For displaying a sticker bearing a Quranic verse on their motor bike
Ms. Bushra Taseer
At Karachi; on 26 March 1996
She was attacked with knife by a tailor who accused her of using cloth with Quranic verses on it. The inquiry discovered that it was not a script but only a design. Mrs. Taseer was seriously wounded and hospitalized.
Muhammad Ilahi; Tasawar Ilahi; Muhammad Khan; Javaid Ahmad; Ijaz Ahmad; Tahir Ahmad; Dawood Ahmad; Munir Ahmad; Mubashir Ahmad
At Alipur Chatta (Gujranwala); on 21 July 96
Accused of preaching Ahmadiyyat
Nasim Saifi; Agha Saifullah; Qazi Munir Ahmad
At Rabwah
For articles published in the Daily Alfazal
Abdul Qadeer; Shah Baz; Ashfaq Ahmad
At Sharaqpur (Sheikhupura); on 28 Oct 88
Accused of preaching Ahmadiyyat. All three sentenced to life imprisonment.
Dr. Saeed Ahmad
At Chak 61/RB (Faisalabad); on 26 April 97
Accused of preaching Ahmadiyyat
Anis ur Rehman
At Shahdadpur; on 15 Sep 97
Accused of preaching Ahmadiyyat
Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad; Mr. Kanwar Idrees
At Tando Adam; on 7 March 1998
Mr. Idrees gave an interview to the Daily Jang. To the interviewer he provided copy of a letter written by the Supreme Head of Ahmadiyya Community in which the Holy Prophet was praised and God's blessings had been sought for him.
Safeer Ahmad; Abdul Khaliq; Zaheer Ahmad; Rasheed Meeani; Farooq Ismail; Allah Nawaz; Irshad Javaid; Anees Ahmad; Naveed Mubashir; Muhammad Asim; Hameed Tahir; Faisal ur Rehman; Mushtaq Ahmad; Waris Ahmad; Mahmood Ahmad; Ghulam Murtaza
At Jhudoo; on 2 Sept 98
These men tried to defend their mosque when a mob attacked their mosque. They could not succeed and the mob severely damaged the mosque and set it on fire. Later, the opponents found that Kalima (Islamic creed) and Drud were written inside the mosque, so the authorities booked all these unsuccessful defenders under very serious charges under which they could be hanged. Most of them were arrested and their case was sent to an Anti-Terrorist Court. The attackers roam about freely, waiting for a fresh opportunity.
Syed Raza Hussain Bukhari; Syed Tabassam Hussain Bukhari
At Gujrat; on 4 Sep 98
These youths decided to switch over to Ahmadiyyat. Their own relatives turned against them and got them charged for Blasphemy.
Haq Nawaz; Muhammad Siddiq; Zafar; Nazeer
At Shorkot; on 12 Oct 98
Their village mosque had Kalima (Islamic creed) on its facade.
Nasir Ahmad Baloch; Nasir Ahmad Baloch; Mubarak Ahmad; Zafar Ahmad
At Kotri; on 17 Dec 98
Mubarak Ahmad, imprudently tore open an anti-Ahmadiyya magazine which the opponents circulated in the factory to spread hatred. Mubarak and his two Ahmadi co-workers were fired from their jobs, and all three were charged under PPC 295A, 295B and 295C under which they could be given life imprisonment or death.
Nazir Ahmad
At Qasur; on 13 Jan 99
Nazir is a fresh convert. He was roped falsely in a Blasphemy case.
Intizar Ahmad Bajwa
At Pasrur; on 3 March 1999
A magistrate himself maliciously added 295A and 295C to the case.
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