Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Home Critical Analysis/Archives Report on the Situation of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan
Report on the Situation of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan

The Ahmadis cannot deny their Muslim identity because they live under God's revelation in the the Qu'ran which explicitly calls the name of their revealed religion, Islam. To repudiate their self-designation as Muslims is denying, in effect, their loyalty to the divine author of the Qur'an. This they are not prepared to do on pain of suffering and death.


This report considers the worsening persecution of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan in the name of Islam. Specifically, this report considers the violation of the basic human rights of Ahmadis including:

  • freedom of belief;
  • freedom of worship;
  • freedom of expression;
  • freedom of the press;
  • freedom of association;
  • freedom from arbitrary arrest;
  • freedom from discrimination;
  • protection of property; and,
  • protection from violence and murder.

Some facts may be out of date and recent developments may not have been reported. Also, the author has attempted to present only those facts which can be considered to be easily verifiable. For these reasons the picture presented should be considered to be incomplete.

The author has not attempted an analysis of theological differences between Ahmadi Muslims and the many other Muslim groups in Pakistan. It is the author's belief that human rights extend to all, regardless of personal belief, in the absence of any anti-social act. Furthermore, it is the author's belief that the ongoing campaign against Ahmadi Muslims, while carried out in the name of Islam, has been driven by successive governments and the religiously based political parties for political reasons and does not arise out of religious animosity from the Pakistani public or from Islamic doctrine.


Any errors are the responsibility of the author alone. The opinions expressed are not necessarily those of any other person or any organization. In particular, they may not reflect the official position of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community.

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Last modified: 2 January 1996
Sultan Sial