Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Home Facts & Figures 2002
Facts & Figures - 2002

The president and his team catered for the sensitivities of the mullah even at the cost of appearing waggish. On the Ahmadiyya issue, every time the mullah voiced a concern, the government responded favorably beyond his expectations. Local government elections were held under Separate Electorate system. This denied Ahmadis any role in the management of their own town, Rabwah. In June 2002, in order to reassure the mullah, the President issued an Order restating that the status of Ahmadis etc had remained unchanged. The President declared in those days that the forthcoming national elections would be held as Joint Electorate. However, an indignant mullah stood up during a Conference at Islamabad and confronted the President with the question of its bearing on Ahmadis. The President placated the cleric by reassuring him that the needful would be done. And, surely enough, a few days later a presidential order came out that notwithstanding the Joint Electorate, Ahmadis would be put on a Separate List of non-Muslims. It was ridiculous. Political terminology was being corrupted and given a new meaning.

These developments encouraged the mullah greatly. He entered the election foray with confidence. Ahmadis had been neutralized. The military was acting deferential towards him. The mullah had a field day on October 12. He made great gains in the national elections. In the government or in opposition, he would now wield political power. Maulana Fazlur Rahman (of MMA and JUI) declared that now recommendations of the Islamic Ideology Council would be enforced. The mullah now felt on top of the wave. A gang of extremists loaded their weapons, entered an Ahmadi doctor's clinic in Rahim Yar Khan and murdered him. Another mullah, Imtiaz Shah, only a few days later stabbed an Ahmadi in broad daylight in the bazaar of Faisalabad and told the police that he had only done his religious duty. Ahmadis are back at square one.

No. Description of the cases Total Number of Cases
1. Number of Ahmadis murdered only for their faith. 4
2. Number of Ahmadis attacked, beaten and severally injured 3
3. Number of Ahmadis sentenced under anti-Ahmadiyya Laws. 1
4. Number of Ahmadis booked under miscellaneous charges on religious grounds 9
5. Number of Ahmadis booked under Blasphemy Laws 1
6. Number of Ahmadis booked for offering prayers. -
7. Number of Ahmadis booked for preaching. 1
8. Number of Ahmadis Ahmadis wrongfully charged under religious law PPC 295A for preaching etc. and pushed to Anti-Terrorist Special Courts. 1
9. Number of Ahmadis in prison at year end, for accusation related to religion. 6
10. Number of Ahmadiyya Mosques demolished. -
11. Number of Ahmadiyya Mosques handed over to non-Ahmadis -
12. Number of Ahmadiyya Mosques sealed -
13. Number of Ahmadiyya Mosques desecrated by authorities or mob. -
14. Kalima removed by authorities from Ahmadiyya Building 1
15. Number of Ahmadiyya Mosques where construction was blocked. 1
16. Number of Ahmadiyya Mosques threatened/attacked. -
17. Number of graves disinterred and bodies shifted. -
18. Dismissed from Government service for being Ahmadi 1
19. Denied Higher Education Scholarship for being Ahmadi 1

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