Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Home Facts & Figures 2003
Facts & Figures — 2003

There was noteworthy deterioration in some ways over the past years, for instance the number of Ahmadis who faced charges on the basis of their faith were 376% more than the previous year, and the prison population trebled. Although the President made a reassuring speech in the UN General Assembly and called for ‘a double pincer strategy to build harmony, promote moderation, oppose extremism and ensure justice’, back at home Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, the President of the ruling Muslim League (Q) declared about the political conglomeration of mullahs that ‘The MMA is not our political rival but a natural partner’. These self-imposed political compulsions give rise to administrative conduct concerning Ahmadis that is unsupportable and incongruous with the stated policy at the world forum. Accordingly, during the year 2003 as well, the notorious anti-Ahmadiyya laws and other religious laws were invoked as often, Ahmadis were arrested in dozens most of whom remain incarcerated, officials took unabashed action against Ahmadi individuals and institutions, and, last but not least, the mullah enjoyed great freedom in his anti-Ahmadiyya agitation. There was also open and unrestricted cooperation between officials and the mullahs whenever and wherever Ahmadis were involved. The gulf between official liberal rhetoric and obscurantist action remained as wide as ever. This is obvious from every page of this report where incidents are reported briefly in news format. As this format cannot adequately convey the true nature of the environment and the impact of the incidents, three of these incidents have been described initially in some detail. This would give some idea to the reader of the general impact of other anti-Ahmadiyya incidents as well on the victims at the receiving end. Unlike the past, this report also contains candid reproduction of the mullah's slander and vulgarity in which he indulges unchecked during his sermons and addresses in the garb of religion. This inclusion is for once, to place on record what he undertakes almost on daily basis.

No. Description of the cases Total Number of Cases
1. Number of Ahmadis murdered only for their faith. 2
2. Number of Ahmadis attacked, beaten and severally injured 2
3. Number of Ahmadis sentenced under anti-Ahmadiyya Laws. 2
4. Number of Ahmadis booked under miscellaneous charges 23
5. Number of Ahmadis booked under Blasphemy Laws 4
6. Number of Ahmadis booked under anti-Ahmadiyya laws for displaying photo of the founder of the Ahmadiyya Movement in his shop 1
7. Number of Ahmadis booked for offering prayers. 1
8. Number of Ahmadis booked for preaching. 4
9. Number of Ahmadis Ahmadis wrongfully charged under religious law PPC 295A and pushed to Anti-Terrorist Special Courts. 1
10. Number of Ahmadis in prison at year end, for accusation related to religion. 17
11. Number of Ahmadiyya Mosques demolished. .
12. Number of Ahmadiyya Mosques handed over to non-Ahmadis -
13. Number of Ahmadiyya Mosques sealed 1
14. Number of Ahmadiyya Mosques vandalised. 1
15. Kalima removed by authorities from Ahmadiyya Houses/Buildings/Mosques 3
16. Number of Ahmadiyya Mosques where construction was blocked. .
17. Number of Ahmadiyya Mosques threatened/attacked. -
18. Number of graves disinterred and bodies shifted. 1
19. Entire Ahmadiyya Community of Sadullah Pur, District Mandi Bahauddin was booked under anti-Ahmadiyya laws for burying an Ahmadi in common graveyard
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