Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Home Facts & Figures 2000
Facts & Figures - 2000

More Ahmadis were murdered only for their faith during the year 2000 than in any previous year of the preceding quarter century. 166 Ahmadis were made to face criminal charges on religious grounds, as compared to 80 during the Year 1999. PPC 295A, cognizable by Anti-terrorism Special Courts was applied against 20 Ahmadis as compared to 12 during the previous years. These Ahmadis had committed no act that even remotely had anything to do with terrorism. The law was applied maliciously and in bad faith. Clauses of the controversial Blasphemy Law were also applied against Ahmadis on false pretences. The government maintained its active support to tyranny, in that state prosecutors vigorously and successfully opposed bail applications of Ahmadis in courts. No relief was provided to extremely compassionate cases of prisoners of Hyderabad and Mirpurkhas jails whose Ahmadi inmates are there for the third year running, on baseless religious charges. Years of prison terms and fines were awarded in fresh religious charges. Long imprisonments and fines were awarded in fresh cases for building niche and minaret in mosques and having Kalima (Islamic creed) displayed at home and private office. Encouraged by the government attitude, sitting judges like Nazir Akhtar of Lahore High Court publicly urged the common man to commit murder against Ahmadis on the pretext of blasphemy against the Holy Prophet of Islam.

Religious extremists had a field day throughout the year. With support of authorities, they demolished Ahmadiyya mosques, got them sealed, took them over and desecrated them. They held numerous open-air meetings at sensitive locations and openly preached hatred and violence against Ahmadis. The government asked them no questions, nor advised them sanity and tolerance. The vernacular press continued with its virulent propaganda against Ahmadis. Government policy severely restricted opportunities for jobs, higher education, career development, participation in self-government etc for Ahmadis in the country. The environment remained heavily loaded with persecution. The terrorist killings at Ghatialian and the mob violence at Takht Hazara in which Ahmadis were indiscriminately murdered, created a sense of insecurity all over. Authorities generally yielded to mullas wherever the latter decided to apply pressure, at the cost of Ahmadis.

No. Description of the cases Total Number of Cases
1. Number of Ahmadis murdered only for their faith. 12
2. Number of Ahmadis sentenced under anti-Ahmadiyya Laws. 5
3. Number of cases registered on Religious Grounds against Ahmadis during the year 2000 166
4. Number of Ahmadis booked under Blasphemy Laws 4
5. Number of Ahmadis booked for offering prayers. .
6. Number of Ahmadis booked for preaching. .
7. Number of Ahmadis Ahmadis wrongfully charged under religious law PPC 295A for preaching etc. and pushed to Anti-Terrorist Special Courts. 20
8. Number of Ahmadis in prison at year end, for accusation related to religion. 25
9. Number of Ahmadiyya Mosques demolished. 2
10. Number of Ahmadiyya Mosques handed over to non-Ahmadis 2
11. Number of Ahmadiyya Mosques sealed 1
12. Number of Ahmadiyya Mosques desecrated. 2
13. Number of Ahmadiyya Mosques where construction was blocked. 1
14. Number of Ahmadiyya Mosques threatened/attacked. 7

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