Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Members of Ahmadiyya community in Kashmir subjected to grave persecution
Punjab News Online, India

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Members of Ahmadiyya community in Kashmir subjected to grave persecution

Maqbool Ahmad
Monday, 14 July 2008

LONDON: The persecution of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Pakistan continued as members of its local community in occupied Kashmir were discriminated against and tortured simply due to their allegiance to the peace loving Community.


Ahmadis in this region had no mosque and so undertook to voluntarily build one. In order not to offend any group or person they chose not build a minaret even though legally they were not prevented from doing so. All relevant legal requirements were duly complied with.

To the dismay and utter shock of the local Ahmadiyya Community, the police registered a criminal case against 14 Ahmadi men under the anti-Ahmadiyya specific laws PPC 298B and 298C in June 2008. Thereafter a large police presence ruthlessly blasted away the Ahmadi mosque which was still under construction using a range of explosives.

The authorities having registered the cases did not wait for any court judgement before dismantling the Ahmadiyya mosque.


Members of the Ahmadiyya Community had a case registered against them by the police simply for trying to repair parts of their local mosque. The First Information Report (FIR) did not name any individual defendants and thus the entire Ahmadi population in the area faces potential criminal proceedings.


Members of the Ahmadiyya Community recently built a mosque in the village of Barali. However before it could be completed the local authorities forcibly halted its construction and thus the Ahmadis chose to start building at a new location. This led to criminal proceedings to be filed against seven Ahmadis. One child Naveed Ahmad was not named in the proceedings yet was still arrested and subjected to torture.

The blame for these atrocities must be shared by both the Mullahs (extremist clerics) and the local authorities who continually bow to the pressure of the former and thus fail in their duty to safeguard the basic human civic rights of the local Ahmadi population.

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