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Home Media Reports 2004 EC cancels voter registration forms
EC cancels voter registration forms
Daily Times

Monday, February 16, 2004

EC cancels voter registration forms

* Decides to compile separate lists for Muslims
* Deadline for filing claims and objections extended to April 14

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: Following the decision to have separate electoral rolls for Muslims and non-Muslims, the Pakistan chief election commissioner (CEC) on Sunday cancelled all voters registration forms that were filed without the declaration of prophethood’s finality and extended the deadline for public claims and objections for the registration of new voters and excluding Qadianis from the Muslim lists, to April 14.

The Election Commission (EC) started its annual revision of electoral rolls on January 1, 2004 without asking for a declaration from all Muslim applicants of prophethood’s finality. Many Qadianis, who had been declared non-Muslims under the Constitution, were registered in the Muslim lists.

The government on February 11, 2004 ordered all applicants to declare the prophethood’s finality so that Qadianis would not be included in Muslim lists. The government also called for compiling separate electoral rolls. The EC restored the declaration in voters registration forms and directed all fresh applicants to file the declaration.

Earlier, the deadline for filing registration forms was January 30 and by then the declaration was missing from voters registration forms. The EC also directed the revising authorities across the country to get rid of the claims, appeals and applications by April 30, 2004 and to make separate electoral rolls for Muslim and non-Muslims.

The annual revision of electoral rolls was currently going on countrywide under Article 219 (a) of the Constitution and Section 17 of the Electoral Rolls Act, 1974. The EC had appointed 1,864 officials for the purpose.

The October 10, 2002 general elections were held on the joint electorate basis and since then the EC deleted the declaration of the prophethood’s finality from the voter forms. The CEC recommended that the local government elections should also be conducted on the joint electorate basis, but the government did not approve.

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