Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Myth of ‘Qadiani in the works’
Daily Times
Friday, August 19, 2005

SECOND OPINION: Myth of ‘Qadiani in the works’—Khaled Ahmed’s Review of the Urdu press

The Qadianis did it. The Jews did it. Why not add a few more categories we don’t like? Why leave the Hindus out? The Urdu newspapers that publish such statements contribute to the negative image Pakistan has abroad. Don’t expect direct foreign investment to peak after this piece of wisdom!

There are moments when a Pakistani Muslim plumbs the depths of his negative side. One and all, we go cross-eyed when on the subject of the Qadiani sect. All kinds of lies are in order. The Germans had this kind of thing for the Jews, Iranians for Bahais, Turks for Armenians… and one can enlist many other nations with a death-wish.

Quoted in daily Pakistan (22 July 2005) Jamiat Ulema Pakistan (JUP) leader Qari Zawwar Bahadur said in Lahore that the London bombings were done by the Qadianis and the Jews as a conspiracy against Islam. He said the Qadianis and the Jews had finally come together as enemies of Islam and their plan is to victimise the Muslims of the world. He said the breakaway factions of his JUP would soon reunite to face the government on local elections.

It was reported that after the death of the JUP founder Maulana Shah Ahmad Noorani, the Lahore faction of the Noorani faction led by Shah Faridul Haq and General (Retd) KM Azhar rebelled against the family of Maulana Noorani now headed by son Anas Noorani and formed a new faction.

This is killing two birds with one stone. Get the Muslims to believe that two of their permanent enemies had done the London thing in tandem. Sotto voce, fall on them and kill them! The Jews, alas, are absent, but no matter. Why should the press publish such provocative and patently mendacious material? If nothing else, think of the trouble it can get Pakistan into.

As reported in Jang (15 July 2005) chief election commissioner Justice Abdul Hameed announced that all candidates standing for local elections would have to submit affidavits of Khatm-e-Nabuwwat so that no Qadiani could avail the right of standing for elections under otherwise joint electorates. Non-Muslims are allowed but not Qadianis. The affidavit denounces the apostatised sect.

Let the MMA come to power, then we will have a few others on the banned list. In actuality, the Shias and the Ismailis are next. No election commission can be really proud of making announcements like the above.

Columnist Irfan Siddiqi wrote in Nawa-e-Waqt (21 July 2005) that Saad Saud Jan who died in Lahore was born in Lahore and became additional sessions judge in the city in 1961 as a CSP officer. He was a judge who refused to be drawn out into the social circuit. He helped significantly in the drafting of the 1973 Constitution. He became judge of the Lahore High Court in due course of time and was the senior-most judge in the Supreme Court of Pakistan in 1994 when chief justice of the Court Justice, Nasim Hassan Shah, retired.

Justice Jan was not a favourite of the PPP after he had refused to ‘cooperate’ a number of times at the request of the PPP’s senior politicians including President Leghari. Law minister after 1993, Iqbal Haider, already had chosen to elevate Justice Qadeer, a junior judge. Prime minister Benazir Bhutto asked law secretary Justice Sheikh Riaz Hussain to give her a list of the senior-most judges of the Supreme Court, but when the list was given, the senior most judge Saad Saud Jan was excluded. The list comprised Abdul Qadeer Chaudhry, Ajmal Mian and Sajjad Ali Shah. The last named was made chief justice.

Justice Saad Saud Jan who was retired as acting chief justice received the pension of a chief justice till his demise; Chief Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, who was unseated in 1997, receives the pension of a mere Supreme Court judge. Why was Justice Jan denied his rights? This needs to be investigated.

The crux of the injustice meted out to Justice Jan was the rumour on which the PPP relied: that he was a Qadiani. One unspoken rule of this nazism is that if someone denies being one, then he really is one! Justice Jan’s greatness stands whether he was one or not. Some of our worst-reputed judges were not Qadianis. All the great judges were either Christian or Parsi! On a lighter note, an honest ban on Sunni judges would be in order.

Speaking to Nawa-e-Waqt, (20 July 2005) a group of great Islamic scholars of Lahore, including Sarfraz Naeemi of Jamia Naimiyya, Maulana Abdur Rehman Makki of Jamaat Dawa, Pir Saifullah, Maulana Nusrat Ali Shahani, Maulana Abdul Malik and others, said that Tony Blair’s popularity was failing therefore he arranged the 7/7 London bombings to unite his voters. They said that 9/11 too was a plan to grab the Muslim states; and Musharraf was committing a blunder by supporting Bush.

If one is looking for the process that creates suicide-bombers in Pakistan, here it is in full view. Many of us take it to be the froth that sticks to the beards of our holy men, but unfortunately some youths take them quite seriously.

According to Khabrain, (20 July 2005) head of the journalism department in Punjab University, Dr Mughisuddin said that new terrorism was being spread in the name of ending terrorism. He said it was never found out as to who was responsible for the 9/11 act of terrorism in the United States.

Much has been published about the boys who did 9/11. Their families have been interviewed, their friends interrogated and their social backgrounds minutely screened. Muhammad Atta’s father in Egypt accepts that his son led the attack. He says what happened on 9/11 will happen again. Before 9/11 Atta’s father was quite secular in life. After 9/11, he changed into an America-hater.

Quoted in daily Pakistan (21 July 2005) MMA leaders said in a meeting in Lahore that 7/7 bombings in London were organised by the Jews just like the bombings of 9/11 in America. JUP leader Mufti Hidayatullah said that Pakistan was being run by the slaves of America and Britain. Jamaat’s Lahore leader Hafiz Salman Butt said that the West had put the label of Islam on terrorism.

The Jews did it. Why not add a few more categories we don’t like? Why leave the Hindus out? The Urdu newspapers that publish such statements contribute to the negative image Pakistan has abroad. Don’t expect direct foreign investment to peak after this piece of wisdom! *

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