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Taliban kidnap ‘Qadiani’ in Lakki Marwat
Daily Times
Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Taliban kidnap ‘Qadiani’ in Lakki Marwat

LAKKI MARWAT: Four Taliban kidnapped a Qadiani on Monday from Serai Naurang bazaar, said officials and eyewitnesses. Sahibzada Ayub Ahmed was abducted at 2:30pm from Sahibzada Shafi Market, which he owned. Eyewitnesses recounted that he had been taken towards Bannu. Lakki Marwat District Coordination Officer (DCO) Amir Latif did not confirm Ayub was a Qadiani. He told reporters that Ayub was from Kotki village where some Qadianis also lived. He said police were talking to Taliban leaders at a madrassa in Bannu’s Haweed village to secure the release of Ayub. staff report

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