Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Home Monthly Newsreports April, 2003
Newsreport April, 2003

State Terrorism!

Sadulla Pur, District Mandi Bahauddin: Mr. Ghulam Rasul, Ahmadi, died here on March 6, 2003. He belonged to the Jat Hajan clan and was accordingly buried in the joint graveyard specific to the clan. Many days later some miscreants from outside and a few locals started an agitation demanding that the deceased body should be disinterred and buried elsewhere. As the situation grew tense, Ahmadis reported to the police who took no action at their request. Thereafter the agitators approached the police, whereby the police moved fast and registered a criminal case against the entire Ahmadiyya Community of the village, under sections PPC 298 and 297. These sections prescribe imprisonment up to one year and fine. The Ahmadiyya Community thereupon approached the civil court and obtained a stay order. The police, nevertheless, proceeded to arrest Mr. Aziz Ahmad, a brother of the deceased and Mr. Mahbub Ahmad, the president of the local Ahmadiyya Community. The police were then looking for other Ahmadis to arrest them.

The traumatized community sought legal advice at Lahore, the provincial capital, and put up a Writ application in Lahore High Court with the plea that the police had transgressed and acted unlawfully. The High Court ordered the police SHO Phalia to make a report on the issue within fifteen days. The police, however, arrested still another Ahmadi, Mr. Nasir Ahmad, in this context. It is learnt that the first two detained Ahmadis have been released on bail after a fortnight of incarceration.

Following eighteen Ahmadis have been named in the initial proceedings and are at risk of arrest by the police:


Mr. Aziz Ahmad


Mr. Munawwar Ahmad


Mr. Mahbub Ahmad


Mr. Muhammad Aslam


Mr. Nasir Ahmad


Mr. Muhammad Yusuf


Mr. Munawwar Akhtar


Mr. Muhammad Azam


Mr. Ghulam Abbas


Mr. Bashir Ahmad


Mr. Ilias


Mr. Ashraf


Mr. Tanweer


Mr. Mubarak Ahmad


Mr. Yaqub


Mr. Ghulam Rasul


Mr. Iftikhar Ahmad


Mr. Shahadat Ali

As the community had approached the High Court, the police took offense to this and proceeded to arrest three more Ahmadis, namely Muhammad Yusuf, Muhammad Yaqub and Muhammad Aslam. It is not conceivable that the local police would take such a blatant action without nod from their superiors, who, when contacted, expressed their lack of knowledge about the events. Their lack of knowledge is an unabashed lie.

Non-bailable Warrant of Arrest against the Supreme Head of the Ahmadiyya Community

Chiniot; February 10, 2003: According to a news item published in the Daily JANG, Rawalpindi, of February 10, 2003, the Additional District and Session Judge Karachi South, Mr. Farooq Ali Channa issued non-bailable warrant of arrest against (Hadrat) Mirza Tahir Ahmad, the Supreme Head of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Community. The court directed the government to bring him to Pakistan through the Interpol and present him in the court on February 27. According to the report, Maulana Ahmad Mian Hammadi had got a case registered against him on the grounds that Ahmadi periodicals refer to Quranic verses and the Sayings of the Prophet, which amounts to a violation of the Anti-Qadiani Ordinance. Other accused include Qazi Munir, Muhammad Ibrahim, Mian Mubarak Ahmad and some others, the report added.

Subsequent to the Demise of the Supreme Head of the Ahmadiyya Community

Rabwah: Hadrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih IV died on April 19, 2003 in London where he was in exile for the last 19 years. He had to leave Pakistan on April 30, 1984 after promulgation of the notorious anti-Ahmadiyya Ordinance XX of 1984 by General Zia, as under the Ordinance it would have been impossible for him to carry out his duties of the Imam of the Community. Now that he had died, Pakistani clerics still would not tolerate his remains to return to his country of citizenship, Pakistan. “We shall resist by force if Mirza Tahir's dead body was brought to Pakistan”, howled the Anjuman Tahaffuz Khatame Nabuwwat (The Daily Khabrain, April 22, 2003). Mullah Khan Mohammad, the Chief of the Association for Protection of the Finality of Prophethood threatened, “If it is conspired to bring the dead body of Mirza Tahir to Pakistan for burial at Rabwah, the law and order situation will become extremely dangerous……..Mirza Tahir's status is that of a traitor, as such to bring his dead body to Pakistan for burial amounts to rebellion against the Constitution and law of Pakistan” (The Daily Pakistan, Lahore, of April 21, 2003).

Eventually, when the Caliph was buried at London, Mullah Chinioti (Ex MPA) “thanked the government of Pakistan for not permitting the dead body of Mirza Tahir to be brought over to Pakistan” (The Daily Khabrain; April 26, 2003). The same daily quoted Mullah Mumtaz Awan: “Mirza Masroor, the new Qadiani chief is a proclaimed offender under the PPC 295C; he ought to be arrested and punished for Blasphemy.” Mullah knows how to plan in advance!

It should be placed on record that none of the members of the government of Pakistan or its spokesperson had the courtesy to send a message of condolences in public to the Pakistani Ahmadi Community on the demise of their beloved leader. From the political establishment, it was only Mr. Altaf Hussain, Chief of the MQM who released to the press a message of condolences in London at this occasion. The mullah reacted angrily to that and asserted that to condole an Ahmadi's death was against (his version of) the Sharia, and made the guilty ‘an infidel’.

Political Mullahs target the Ahmadiyya Community

Multan, April 5/6, 2003: Mullahs of the MMA and other rabble-rousers find it politically profitable to target Ahmadis in their rhetoric. In a recent conference held at Multan, under the auspices of the International Association for the Protection of the Finality of Prophethood, MMA leaders like Shah Ahmad Noorani, Fazlur Rehman, Hafiz Hussain Ahmad, Haideri etc had the following to say, as reported in the Daily Jang of April 6, and the Daily Nawa-i-Waqt of April 7, 2003:

L F O is the end product of Qadiani agenda.

Our Movement will continue so long as even one Qadiani remains alive.

When we talk of safeguarding the Constitution of Pakistan, our priorities remain the Islamic Provisions, the dogma of Finality of Prophethood and the Blasphemy Law.

Qadianis of Israeli origin, who now form a part of the American and British forces, are actively working against Islam in the fall of Baghdad.

Qadianis should be fired from civil and military positions in Pakistan.

Mirza Tahir should be brought over to Pakistan and prosecuted in courts.

We condemn US aggression against Iraq. Etc, etc.

Mullah demands inquiry in Ahmadiyya Conclave

Faisalabad; April 7, 2003: During the last week of March 2003, Ahmadi representatives assembled in Rabwah in their annual conclave to discuss community issues and find solutions to them. Mullah Faqir Muhammad, the publicity secretary of the Majlis Tahaffuz Khatame Nabuwwat could not tolerate the assembly of Ahmadi delegates and made demands on the government to hold an inquiry into the proceedings, reported the daily Nawa-i-Waqt on April 7, 2003. “A private consultative assembly by Ahmadis is against the provisions of the anti-Qadiani Ordinance of 1984 whereby it is a crime to propagate Qadianiyyat, and it is forbidden to Qadianis to hold annual conferences, sports tournaments and seminars of their auxiliary bodies,” he stated.

Asians News Network (ANN)

Islamabad, April 3, 2003: This news clique that claims to be Asian and a Network issued a bulletin on April 3 to all the newspapers, wherein a long story was made out of how the MTA (Muslim Television Ahmadiyya) team managed to record the site of Made in Gujranwala Industrial Exhibition. According to the story the video team preached Ahmadiyya Islam to the exhibitors as the true Islam and urged them to watch MTA. Eventually, some ‘noble sons of Islam’ confronted Ahmadis, reported to the police, and held the intruders accountable etc.

The news story ended thus: “It should be borne in mind that the Ahmadiyya denomination is Wajabul Qatal” (liable to be put to death as per Sharia).

Such is the professional output of the Asian News Network in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan!

ANN News

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