Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Author: Hadhrat Mirza Bashiruddin M. Ahmed (ra), 2nd Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.
Description: A popular edition of an excellent and affectionate account of life of the Prophet of Islam (pbuh) described as the most influential man in the history of the world.
An orphan beckoned to the Call, persecuted by neighbours, driven from his home with a prize tag on his head, quickly establishing a strong community of believers ready to die for his teachings and finally returning triumphant only to forgive his tormentors.
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Author: Sir Muhammad Zafarullah Khan
Description: This book provides a translation by Sir Muhammad Zafarullah Khan of the Riyad as-Salihin, literally "Gardens of the Rightous", written by the Syrian Shafi'i scholar Muhyi ad-din Abu Zakariyya' Yahya b. Sharaf an-Nawawi (1233-78), who was the author of a large number of legal and biographical work, including celebrated collection of forty well-known hadiths, the Kitab al-Arba'in (actually containing some forty three traditions.), much commented upon in the Muslim countries and translated into several European languages. His Riyad as-Salihin is a concise collection of traditions, which has been printed on various occasions, e.g. at Mecca and Cairo, but never before translated into a western language. Hence the present translation by Muhammad Zafarullah Khan will make available to those unversed in Arabic one of the most typical and widely-known collection of this type.
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Annual Reports on the Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Pakistan. These reports summarise the events and describe how members of the community are harassed, threatened and even killed by the extremists.
US$10.00 [Order]

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Persecution in Pakistan - March 2009 Report
In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Ever Merciful
International Press and Media Desk
Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat International
22 Deer Park, London, SW19 3TL
Tel / Fax (44) 020 8544 7613 Mobile (44) 077954 90682
Two Ahmadi doctors, Dr Shiraz Ahmad Bajwa and his wife Dr Noreen Bajwa, were martyred at their residence in Wapda Colony, Multan at around 3.30pm on 14 March 2009.
The body of Dr Shiraz Bajwa was found in the bedroom, hands tied behind his back, mouth gagged, blindfolded and with visible marks of strangulation.
The body of Dr Noreen Bajwa was found in the living room, hand tied behind her back, mouth gagged, blind folded and bleeding from the nose.
Multan is used as a headquarters by an anti-Ahmadiyya organisation and thus the area has become a hub of intense anti-Ahmadi propaganda and a number of documents have been published inciting hatred towards Ahmadiyyat. Prior to the aforementioned martyrdoms authorities had warned that sectarian elements within the local community had prepared a lengthy ‘hit list’ of both Ahmadi personalities and locations. All evidence points to the aforementioned murders forming part of this campaign.
Further information can be found in Press Releases issued by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat on 15 and 15 March 2009.
On 28 January 2009 four Ahmadi children and one adult were falsely charged under section 295-C of the Pakistani Penal Code on spurious charges of blasphemy made by religious extremists in the area.
The five persons remain imprisoned and the education of the children continues to suffer. They are being detained in extremely poor conditions with little access to Ahmadiyya officials or their families.
Further information can be found in Press Releases issued by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat on 30 January 2009, 2 February 2009 and 6 February 2009.
Police case (FIR 69/09) was registered on 4 March 2009 against 15 Ahmadis at Sillanwali Police Station at District Sargodha under the terms of section 295-C of the Pakistani Penal Code. They were accused of ‘posing’ as Muslims and praying in a building which they ‘call a Mosque’.
Three persons, Mr Abdul Aziz, Mr Muhammad Ashraf and Mr Khizar Hayat, were arrested and refused bail. Although at an initial hearing bail was refused the three detainees were released on bail on 28 March 2009. Since then others accused have been arrested and continue to be detained.
Further information can be found in Press Releases issued by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat on 15 and 13 March 2009.
An FIR was registered by police against Muhammad Nawaz at the City Police Station, Chiniot on 4 March 2009 under the terms of section 295-B of the Pakistani Penal Code. Mr Nawaz is accused of ‘preaching’ Ahmadiyyat to a man named Mr Muhammad Latif. If convicted Mr Nawaz faces up to three years imprisonment.
Police case (FIR 71/09) was registered on 5 March 2009 against Bushra Naheed, a teacher at Government Girls High School, Jodhala, under the terms of section 295-A of the Pakistani Penal Code.
Ms Naheed is accused of inciting two labourers to attack Haleemam Bibi. This charge is absolutely denied by Ms Naheed. No such attack ever took place. However local Mullahs reported the matter to the police and school authorities. She was duly charged by the police and suspended by her school in the absence of any form of investigation. If convicted Ms Naheed could face up to ten years imprisonment.
An Ahmadi doctor is facing great threat to his life. He has recently received threats by phone urging him to either leave Ahmadiyyat or to flee the area. He has also received a number of letters addressed directly to him. A translated extract is produced:
“Take this small note seriously; do not take it as a hollow threat. We know everything about you. Your two sons are studying at... Cooperate with us otherwise we will abduct your children. Your house is in... Hurry to cooperate with us. Do not take this as a hollow threat.”
(Names and Addresses have been removed)
In September 2009 two Ahmadis (Dr Abdul Mannan Siddiqi and Saith Muhammad Yousuf) were murdered on consecutive days in Sindh. On the third day two of the murder suspects went to visit the doctor but he was away at the funeral of Dr Abdul Mannan Siddiqi. On the fourth day the two suspects again visited the doctor but he was away offering condolence to the family of Saith Muhammad Yousuf.
On 1st March 2009 a man approached the clinic of the doctor late at night. He demanded loudly that the door be opened and when this request was denied by staff he opened it forcibly. He subsequently engaged in foul language and insisted that the doctor be called. When staff resisted he pulled out a gun. Relatives of a patient admitted to the hospital observed this and as they were carrying their own arms managed to cause for the intruder to hurriedly depart alongside two associates who were waiting outside in the car park. The threat level against this particular doctor is currently very high. Local authorities have been contacted but seem unwilling to cooperate to any significant degree.
Qamar Ahmad, age 26, was confronted by two men in the vicinity of his home at 9.30pm on 16 March 2009. He was forced into their vehicle, blindfolded and driven away. Upon arriving at an unknown location he was told to contact the local Ahmadiyya President because they said they had placed a bomb at the President’s home. Mr Ahmad said he did not have his number. He was then told to contact the local Head of the local Ahmadiyya Youth Association however again Mr Ahmad said he did not have the number. He was then told to phone his own brother and tell him to come immediately otherwise he would be killed.
Mr Ahmad phoned his brother and informed him of the threat. However nobody arrived and so the abductors tortured Mr Ahmad and tied his hands and feet. Eventually they left him stranded unconscious on the roadside. Sometime later four Ahmadi youths found Mr Ahmad unconscious and with rope tied around his neck and he was immediately taken to hospital.
Mr Ahmad is married and has a young daughter.
On 6 March 2009, Ms Amatul Bari a visitor from Germany visited the local graveyard. Whilst at the graveyard she was struck by a brick and was injured. The incident was reported to police but no visible action has been noticed. This was not the first time that persons visiting the graveyard had been attacked.
Following three major anti-Ahmadi conferences held on 10 March 2009, the next day a van transporting 27 girls from Rabwah from their various colleges in Chiniot was attacked. Stones and bricks were pelted at the van. The incident was reported to police but no action was taken.
Organised anti-Ahmadi protests and incitement has been occurring for a number of weeks at the National Textile University in Faisalabad. The protests are supervised by mullahs who use foul language and falsely attribute non-Islamic beliefs to Ahmadis. Edicts of death are routinely issued at these protests.
Chak No.5 District Nankana
A local mullah has made it his routine to come to the aforementioned Chak and lead anti-Ahmadi protests. His foul and aggressive language has caused for a serious deterioration in local society cohesion and he continues to urge his supporters to boycott all Ahmadis.
Okara City
Local extremists have targeted schools, colleges and business centres for the distribution of provocative literature and leaflets. Ahmadis are routinely receiving threats and indeed it has emerged that members of the Khatme-Nabuwwat organisation are keeping a collection of photos of prominent local Ahmadis.
District Umar Kot
A large open-air conference was held by mullahs in which the speakers used foul and threatening language in opposition to the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat. As a result the situation in the District, which was already worrying, has deteriorated further.
In celebration of Eid Milad (birth date of Prophet of Islampbuh) non-Ahmadi Muslims marched in a celebratory procession. When they arrived at the front of the local Ahmadiyya place of worship they indulged in filthy and provocative language and the front of the building was vandalised.
On 23 March 2009 Majlis Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat organised a rally to ‘protect the honour of the Prophet’. The event continuously included anti-Ahmadiyya propaganda and attempts were made to inflame the large crowd with fiery speeches filled with lies about the Ahmadiyya Jamaat. The speakers promoted sectarian hatred and strife in the name of the Holy Prophetpbuh.
Hostility against the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Khushab has increased gravely in the recent past. Ahmadis have received threats and anti-Ahmadi conferences have been planned. On 15 March 2009 a Nabuwwat Conference was held in the main mosque of Mittha Tawana and mullahs from as far as Karachi came to participate. Hate filled speeches were given and anti-Ahmadi literature was distributed.
A three day Khatme-Nabuwwat Conference was held between 25 and 27 March 2009. Anti-Ahmadiyya banners were present and the speakers made hateful speeches against the Jamaat. Anti-Ahmadiyya literature was distributed amongst the crowds. District Layyah and District Narowal Anti-Ahmadiyya groups distributed literature aimed at inflaming tensions against Ahmadis.
Just days after the murders of Dr Shiraz Ahmad Bajwa and Dr Noreen Bajwa in Multan, a Tahaffuz Khatme Nabuwwat Conference was held in the city. Provocative speeches were made and anti-Ahmadiyya literature was distributed amongst the masses.
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