Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Anarchy in the name of religion

The Daily Star
Vol. 4 Num 206Wed. December 24, 2003

Letters to Editor

Anarchy in the name of religion
Hamidur Rahman, Dhaka-1214

In the recent days, it has been observed that a faction of religious leaders are demonstrating in the street and demanding that Ahmadiyyas be declared as non-Muslims, creating a law and order situation and trying to force the government to accept their demand. It is written in the Hadith “Do not brand as non-Muslims the men who utter and have faith in Kalima Tayyeba”.

According to the Holy Koran, any kind of application of force is forbidden in the case of religion. So no government or constitution on earth have any jurisdiction to interfere in the decree of the Almighty Allah and decide who is a Muslim and who is not.

As far as I know, the religious leaders of every sect of Muslims have already declared Ahmadiyyas as non-Muslims. Then why the religious extremists are so loud to get it done by the state? What is their motive?

It is observed from the behaviour and the trends of this movement that a faction of Mullahs are organising it much the same way the anti-Ahmadiyya movement was organised in Pakistan. But it should not be forgotten that Pakistan didn’t gain anything by turning a religious matter into a political issue and only supprssed the rights of peace-loving citizens.

Religious anarchy, enmity and hatred among different sects is part of life in Pakistan today. If the same thing is infused into Bangladesh, our social life will be jeopardized. Once the government bow down to this illegal and unethical demand of Mullahs, then there will be no end to many more such demands. Questions of Christianity, Hinduism, Shia-Sunni conflict etc. will come one after another. What will the government do to deal with these questions in future?

As a peace-loving citizen of the country, my earnest request to the government is that it remain alert and handle this matter with proper care and discretion. The first step of the government should be a stern action against the miscreants whose goal is to create violence and tension. By this they are not only fulfilling their objectives, but are also hampering the process of development.

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