Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Ahmadia Issue - Letters to Editor

The Daily Star
Vol. 4 Num 209Sat. December 27, 2003

Letters to Editor

Ahmadia Issue
Mohammed Alauddin, Dhaka, on-mail

I don’t understand why we are interfering with the Ahmadia people because they are not disturbing our belief or religious activities. The Ahmadia sect is so much worried and feeling so much insecured that they have issued a big appeal to their fellow countrymen on 05-12-03 through the Daily Prothom Alo. Their appeal has opened my eyes and removed many misunderstandings about their beliefs. What I knew earlier was that this sect does not believe in Prophet Mohammed (SM) as the last prophet . According to them this is totally misleading and wrong. The only thing which they differently believe is that the promised Imam Mahdi has already come in this world in the person of Mr. Gholam Ahmed of Quadian village in East Panjab. This is not a fundamental belief or basis of Islam to declare anybody non-Muslim, Mushrik or Murtad.

To me this is not a major issue to declare Jehad or create chaos among the peace loving citizens of Bangladesh . Nobody can impose his belief on others. I would appeal to the general public and the government. in particular to show restraint and tolerance towards people with different theocratic beliefs. There are many sects in all major religions of the world i.e. Christians, Hindus and Muslims with different beliefs but that does not mean that are all wrong. They must have solid reasons behind such beliefs. We are not authorised to change their beliefs by force or violence. We should be proud of our multi-religious, multi-racial society where we all live in peace and harmony without creating any chaos in the society. Here the government of the country has a big role to play.

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