Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Home  Worldwide  Bangladesh  2003  An ultimatum
An ultimatum

The Independent, Bangladesh

An ultimatum

The ultimatum served by an aggressive group belonging to the majority sect of Muslims on a smaller sect to remove the latter's mosque from a city locality is about to turn the existing harmonious religious environment into an eruptive one unless the government takes stern action against the leaders who are fanning the fire of hatred in society. A group of religious activists calling themselves Khatme Nabuat Andolon Samannay Committee (KNASC), has been demanding for quite some time now that a minority sect known as Ahmadias (also Qadianis) in the country be declared non-Muslims and their mosque located at Nakhalpara be removed within a month.

The audacity of the activists manifested itself in their ultimatum given to none but the government with the threat of vigorous countrywide movement and laying siege to the Prime Minister’s office if the government failed to meet their demands. They further said that the government would be held responsible for any eventuality after the expiry of the deadline.

According to independent media investigation, a vested quarter has eyes set on the property on which the Ahmadia mosque is situated. But that does not seem to be the only underlying motive behind the sudden flare-up of the whole issue. We suspect something more sinister that is working behind the curtain to destabilise the country with a non-issue, and these should be perceived as faint footsteps of a bigger disorder that is approaching.

The nature of the anti-Ahmadia movement and the loud threats belittle the very basic tenet of the Liberation War of Bangladesh—religious tolerance and freedom to practice one’s faith. Who are these people to deny a sect the right to follow its religious belief when the Almighty does not deny it? While we should leave things ethereal to the Providence, the earthly laws should be applied fully to round up anarchists in society.

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