Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Home  Worldwide  Bangladesh  February, 2004  Ahmadiyya issue
Ahmadiyya issue

The Daily Star
Vol. 4 Num 250Sun. February 08, 2004

Letters to Editor

Ahmadiyya issue
Simeon Walker, Addingham, West Yorks, United Kingdom

It is with great regret that I came to read about religious extremists in Bangladesh putting pressure on the government to declare the Ahmadiyyas as non-Muslims. As an individual, who has studied Islam, and who has many Ahmadiyya friends, I have great respect for the teachings of Islam and for Prophet Muhammed (SM). I have learned that he never sought to declare anyone a non-Muslim unless that person openly professed the Almighty and his Prophet to be false. I have many Ahmadiyya friends and I know that they certainly believe in one Allah and have the highest respect for the Prophet.

So, how can these religious extremists in Bangladesh pressurise the government to declare Ahmadiyyas as non-Muslims? The Holy Prophet taught us that it is only the Almighty who can see into someone’s heart and thus decide whether they are Muslims or not.

I hope that the leadership in Bangladesh will not bow down to the pressure of the religious extremists.


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