Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Home  Worldwide  Bangladesh  May, 2004  Ahmadiyas blame external forces for igniting bigotry
Ahmadiyas blame external forces for igniting bigotry

Ahmadiyas blame external forces for igniting bigotry - New Age, Bangladesh

External forces patronising anti-kadiani movement, says Ahmadiya Ameer - The Indenpendent, Bangladesh

Ahmadiyya again raise voice against incidents by Ctg Islamic zealots - The Bangladesh Observer

New Age, Bangladesh
Dhaka, Sunday, May 30, 2004
Ahmadiyas blame external forces for igniting bigotry

Press Conference of Ahmadiyya Muslim JamaatLeaders of the Ahmadiya Muslim Jamaat on Saturday blamed external forces for backing the Islamist bigots to destroy communal harmony in the name of anti-Ahmadiya movement in Bangladesh.

   At a Saturday news conference, they also said over 100,000 members of the Ahmadiya community were passing their days in utter disarray as the Islamist bigots continue threatening them across the country and the government kept silent.

   “We are afraid of the government policy as it seems to have bowed down to a handful of Islamist bigots,” said Mir Mobassher Ali, nayeb-e-ameer of the Ahmadiya Muslim Jamaat, Bangladesh at the news conference in protest against the removal of Ahmadiya’s signboard from a mosque by the police on Friday in Chittagong.

   He said the Islamist extremists from India and Pakistan have been backing the bigots in Bangladesh since 1993. “The anti-Ahmadiya movement in Bangladesh is deep rooted. There are many people behind the scene,” said Mawlana Abdul Awal, central missionary of the sect, who spoke at the conference.

   Some of the extremist leaders from Pakistan visited Bangladesh a few days ago to instigate the Khatme Nabuwat Bangladesh to launch anti-Ahmadiya campaign, claimed the leader.

   Condemning the government imposed ban on the Ahmadiya’s publications, the Jamaat leaders said the government has been playing a dubious role. They (government) ordered banning of the publication but did not publish a gazette in this regard.

   “It is our constitutional rights to practise religion, but the government curtailed the right by imposing the ban,” said Awal, referring to the government ban of January 8, 2004 in the face of pressure from the Islamist radicals.

   The leaders requested the government to uphold their fundamental right to exercise religious functions and withdraw the ban on their publications.

   Following the ban, the Ahmadiya leaders said, the Muslim zealots, who demanded complete ban of the Ahmadiyas in Bangladesh, attacked mosques and residences of the community at many places.

   He alleged that the law enforcing agencies also denied taking case against the attackers.

   To a question, the Ahmadiya leader said a section of the Islamist bigots wanted to introduce Bangladesh as a fanatic country. “We have been practising Islam in Bangladesh since 1912. None has declared us non-Muslim. Should we be declared non-Muslim during the regime of the four-party alliance government?” questioned Awal.

   “Allah determines who is Muslim or who non-Muslim is, none but the Allah has the authority to certify a Muslim or non-Muslim,” he said.

   Asked whether they seek any international interference to resolve the crisis, the Ahmadiya leaders replied in the negative saying, “We want to resolve local problem locally.”

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The Independent, Dhaka
    Dhaka, Bangladesh, Sunday 30 May 2004  /  Issue: 2046

External forces patronising anti-kadiani movement, says Ahmadiya Ameer


The leaders of Ahmadiya Muslim Jamaat yesterday raised allegations that the external fanatic forces are patronising the Islami zealots of Bangladesh who are repressing the members of the Kadiani community across the country.

The Kadiani leaders said that the Tahaffuze Kahtme Nabuat of Pakistan has been providing all kinds of supports to the Bangladeshi Islami fanatics to destroy the Kadiani communities and the BNP-led four party alliance are favouring them.

“The policy of the ruling alliance is against the constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights of the Kadiani community,” said the leaders of Ahmadiya Muslim Jamaat at a press conference at their central office at Bakshibazar in the city where the central Nayeb-e-Ameer of the community Mir Mobassher Ali was present.

Mobbassher Ali said that following the repeated attacks on them, the members of the Kadiani community have been living in nightmare and agony. “But the government under the pressure of fanatic forces banned and seized the holy Quran and Bukhari Sharif from the Kadiani mosques without any legal authority,” the Ameer added.

Among others, Abdul Awal Khan Chowdhury, central missionary of the community and Md Shahabuddin were present at the conference.

They arranged the conference following the siege of their mosque at Chawkbazar in Chittagong on Friday and the repeated attacks on the members of the community all over the country.

“How could the police storm into our mosques and seize our books without any gazette notification and court order,” the Ameer raised the questing. He also alleged that the BNP-led alliance government became hostage to the zealots of fanatic forces who were repressing them under the banner of the Khatme Nabuat Andolan.

Referring to some incidents of repression on the members of Kadiani community across the country, he said that they submitted two memorandums to the Prime Minister demanding the withdrawal of the ban on their publications by government.

The government on January 8 at a meeting took a decision to ban all kinds of publications of the Kadiani community in the face of the movement by Khatme Nabuat Andolon.

Chaired by State Minister for Religious affairs Mosharraf Hossain Shahjahan, among others State Minister for Home Lutfuzzaman Babor, former Chief Election Commissioner Justice Abdur Rauf, Khatib of Baitul Mukarram National Mosque Mawlana Obaidul Haq and other government high officials were present in the meeting.

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Bangladesh Observer
Sunday, May 30, 2004Internet Edition  
   Front Page

Ahmadiyya again raise voice against incidents by Ctg Islamic zealots

Staff Correspondent

Ahmadiyya Muslims on Saturday once again raised their voice against fresh incidents by the Islamic zealots at Chittagong, which marred the apparent communal harmony in the country.

The leaders of Ahmadiyya Muslims claimed that they are frightened over the threat on their live as enforcing agencies have deliberately taken the sides with the Islamic zealots all over the country.

Speaking at a hurriedly called press conference at Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat at its central mosque at Bakshibazar, Nayeb Amir's Prof Mir Mubassar Ali and Shahabuddin said we are Muslims if we go to India or Myanmar, but in Bangladesh we are on the verge to become non-Muslims.

Recently police entered the Ahmadiyya Mosques in Dhaka, Patuakhali and on Friday at Chittagong without warrant and seized publications. The publications, mostly not of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat were handed over to Islamic zealots instead to a magistrate, Prof. Ali said.

Responding to questions of the journalists, Maulana Abdul Awal, central missionary said we are worried about their provocative activities of the Islamic zealots in the independent Bangladesh after the emergence of coalition government.

The Muslim sect with nearly one lakh population spread all over the country have been threatened of their existence by Islamic zealots International Khatme Nabuyat Movement. The Jamaat-e-Islami, presently a partner of the government argue that according to the Ulema (Islamic theologist), Ahmadiyya are not Muslims, Maulana Awal said.

“Should we take certificate from the Islamic zealots whether we are good Muslims or bad Muslim? Can a parliament determine who should be a Muslim or non-Muslims?” remarked Maulana Awal.

Though formal discussion with the government awaits, but informal parleys with the Prime Minister Office and State Minister for Religious Affairs were held, with an assurance that the measures to ban publication of the Ahmadiyya was to defuse the religious sentiments.

Despite the assurance, the Islamic zealots in many places of the country went on rampages, vandalising properties of the Ahmadiyya sect and vilification against the religious minority regretted the Ahmadiyya leaders at the press conference.

Maulana Awal lamented that, “This a repetition of the trends in Pakistan, now re-enacted in Bangladesh.” To safeguard Islam, Bangladesh does not new legislation’s from the parliament, he added.

“There is wider conspiracy against the apparent secular Muslims in Bangladesh,” he described with a hint that the conspiracy is external.

Responding to a question, Maulana Awal said allegiance to Ahmadiyya Jamaat in thousands in Bangladesh and elsewhere in Europe and Africa threatens their existence.

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