Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Home  Worldwide  Bangladesh  August, 2004  Let not fanatics discredit fundamentals of Islam
Let not fanatics discredit fundamentals of Islam

The Daily Star
Vol. 5 Num 92Thu. August 26, 2004


Let not fanatics discredit fundamentals of Islam

Kazi Alauddin Ahmed

A news item released to the press recently revealed that the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations has expressed its concern over alleged obstructing the Kadianis in Bangladesh in the performance of their religious rites freely. It was also reported to have demanded immediate stoppage of oppression and torture of the Kadianis. Besides, they have urged upon the government of Bangladesh to take appropriate legal action against the perpetrators of such oppressive acts. A letter in this regard was reported to have been sent to the Bangladesh Foreign Ministry in July this year. The letter included allegations of prohibiting Kadiani publications and of raids on their mosques at different places of the country, particularly at Tejgaon, Bakshibazar in the capital city and in Chittagong and Khulna. It was also known that the foreign ministry passed on that letter of the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations to the Home Ministry for investigation. The latter was reported to have asked the police headquarters and different intelligence agencies to take care of the complaint. The Home Ministry was also reported to have directed earlier the same agencies to investigate into another specific complaint forwarded to them by the US Embassy on the activities of an extremist Islamic militant group in the name of Al-Haramain in Bangladesh.

Different police and intelligence sources had confirmed some ‘unpleasant’ incidents with the Kadianis some time past at the instance of some vested interests. They claimed to have been very alert so as not to allow repetition of such aggressive acts that could threat the security of life and property of the Kadianis in any manner.

Despite regular (unfounded) claims on the part of the administration on control of the law and order situation in the country the life and property of the people continue to be utterly insecure these days. The government has been pitiably ensnared with innumerable problems -- political, social and economic -- which are ever compounding without any tangible recess. On the top of all these the awe-inspiring invasion of the so-called militants in different names are making the situation across the country all the more complex, Massive arms haul at Chittagong and Dhaka, frequent bomb blasts,ruthless killing of civilians, journalists, politicians and lawyers are some of few episodes as would be enough to discredit any government worth its name.

And inspite of the tacit assurance from the law enforcing agencies vis-a-vis the government the hydra-headed protagonists of religious extremism (having obviously no solemn allegiance to the fundamentals of Islam as dictated by Allah in the Holy Ouran) are ever active. Unfortunately, these are the people who are now very fast infiltrating into social service organisations. For instance, “Amra Dhaka Bashi,” known to have been a predominantly social service organisation ever committed to uphold the cultural heritage of old Dhaka, was found the other day in the street of the old city with demand to declare Kadianis as non-Muslims. It is doubted if the organisers of such a demonstration were trapped by shrewd contrivers from outside.

For the causes of Islam these are the people always pretending to be die-hard ‘Musalmans’ ever prepared to make any sacrifice. If they are really sure that there is no undercurrent of mischief none would contest the bona fide of their claims. But, when they start behaving like the abhorring and abominable fanatics totally bereft of tolerance of Islam abnegating the undisputed commands of the Creator, we are terribly rocked.

In fact none on earth can challenge with convincing reasons and arguments the fundamentals of Islam. Yet everyone has the right to go by his/her own belief without of course coming into any controversy with the followers of other beliefs. Allah has categorically forbidden any confrontation on such issue when he commands in the Holy Quraan: “La Kum Deen-e-Kum Walya Deen.” The latest outrageous attempt on the Kadianis in Khulna city led by an ‘eminent ulema’ having some political leaning as well, can be treated as a blatant violation of the specific dictates of Allah. Curiously enough there are the religious leaders with some political bias who have been known since long to be strong opponents to Moududi’s Jamaat-e-Islami, at least in respect of their religious attachments. Ironically, in the political arena they are very much allies though being almost ignored members of the 4-party alliance now in power.

The ‘ulema’ alluded to above in connection with the latest Khulna episode reiterated his demand to the government to declare Kadianis as non-Muslims immediately and threatened the fall of the government if the demand is not met. By the way, it may be recalled that this was the same person who, some time past, threatened to leave the alliance, resign from parliament membership etc if his faction of the alliance was not given its ‘due recognition’ in the affairs of the government. The Prime Minister was practically unmoved and the ‘ulema’ recoiled. One wishes the latest humdrum from the same person to be just a mere repetition of the last game.

The intermittent turmoil over the Kadiani’s, I have a hunch, is the creation of some shrewd contrivers behind the scene in the national and international arena. They might even comprise some people or groups of people abroad who have no special interest for Islam. They could be those notorious infidels who are scared about Islam for its ever expanding attraction to the non-Muslims in the western world. I have no hesitation to say that such periodical assault on our sacred religion Islam by its own followers who are otherwise quite respected in the precinct of religion, has been a favourite pastime with those having dubious connection, traders of illegal arms and deliberate perpetrators of unrest in the society. In consequence whereof the image of our country as a ‘moderate Muslim country’ (and that of the administration already saddled with manifold problems mostly from a terrible law and order situation,) is being pushed to a point of no return. The concern expressed by the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations must therefore be taken into serious consideration to make an all out effort at arresting situation from further aggravating before it is too late.

Kazi Alauddin Ahmed is an industrial consultant.

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