Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Prof Kabir Chy asks for united stand against bigots
Prof Kabir Chy asks for united stand against bigots

The Daily Star
Vol. 5 Num 96Sun. August 29, 2004

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Ahmadiyya Dispute
Prof Kabir Chy asks for united stand against bigots

Staff Correspondent

South Asian People’s Union Against Fundamentalism and Communalism urged the nation yesterday to be united against fundamentalist and communal forces after the bigots’ threat to seize Ahmadiyya headquarters in Dhaka.

The fundamentalists could not stand up to the progressive democratic groups, said the union president and also national professor Kabir Chowdhury in a statement on August 27.

“Their effort to knock the mosque and complex of Ahmadiyya community down was foiled,” he stated.

“The pro-liberation and progressive democratic forces with the help of different social, cultural and political organisations again proved the futility of the fundamentalist groups in the country,” he added.

If police and law enforcement agencies perform their duties properly, it is impossible for any outfit to commit crime, he said adding that united resistance can stop all evil deeds against the state.

Kabir Chowdhury however thanked all who attended the fundamentalism resistance programme on Friday.

An extremist group earlier declared to demolish the Ahmadiyya mosque and complex at Bakshibazar in the city but failed.

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