Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Home  Worldwide  Bangladesh  September, 2004  Ahmadiyya issue
Ahmadiyya issue

The Daily Star
Vol. 5 Num 101Fri. September 03, 2004

Letters to Editor

Ahmadiyya issue

Ghulam Sarwar, Karachi, Pakistan

Ahmadiyya issueThere are some disturbing news about Bangladesh. May Allah protect the people and the country from evil.

The important question at the root of the present trouble is the Muslim or non-Muslim status of the Ahmadiyyas. It is surprising that the Ulema do not tell the general public about certain important Hadith of the holy Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) I quote one below:

The Holy Prophet said, “Any one who recited our Kalimah and eats from our food and faces our Qiblah is a Muslim. There is a guarantee of protection for him from God and the Prophet. O Muslims, do not ever break (violate) that guarantee”.

Another important information is recorded in books of Hadith:

During the first census at Madina, the workers asked the Prophet about who should be written (or recorded) as Muslim, the Prophet replied that whosoever calls himself Muslim (or says that he is a Muslim) you write him down for me as Muslim. So, the point is clear.


I have read with keen interest your editorial of the 29th under the caption “Police Thwart Anti Ahmadiyya Plan”. I am in complete agreement with your observation. Indeed given the will and the right resolve it is possible for any government to effectively deal with an issue like this. Conversely, from this example one is likely to draw a conclusion that the government’s failure in earlier cases of the nature like that of the Bangla Bhai was due to both complacence and deliberate negligence on the part of the government. It also clearly establishes the fact that the government, for reasons not understandable to the people of the country, is protecting and giving license to similar unlawful activities under pressure from its coalition of so called Islamic parties. It is my impression that if this government continues with its current attitude with regard to cases of the nature past or present from here onwards, it will further lose public support.

Shamsher Chowdhury, Dhaka

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