Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Home  Worldwide  Bangladesh  January, 2004  Ahmadiyya books banned
Ahmadiyya books banned

The Daily Star
Vol. 4 Num 227Wed. January 14, 2004

Letters to Editor

Ahmadiyya books banned
Masood Nasir, Canada

This refers to the news published in your esteemed daily about the ban on Ahmadiyya books. It is a very sad moment in the history of Bangladesh and I share my deepest sympathies with all those people who stand for equal rights for the citizens of the country without any discrimination based on religion, sect, language or ethnicity. If we ponder over the history of early Islam, for a few seconds, we can realise whose steps we are following in. Islam stands for religious rights of all people and gives them complete freedom. It was only the anti-Islamic forces which obstructed the publication of the message of Islam. It is clear to even a Muslim child how the Holy Prophet (SM) had to suffer for 13 years in Mecca with extreme sanctions by the Kuffirs. Do we want to follow their footsteps? Do we even realise what we are doing? Which intelligence reports suggest that publication of Ahmadiyya books will hurt the feelings of others? For the past 115 years the books of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat have not hurt the feelings of people of Bangladesh. What has happened so suddenly? A few protests by bigots and mischief mongers! Why such a decision has been made behind closed doors without any investigation by the judiciary or a public inquiry? These are some of the questions we need to ask ourselves.

Finally, I would like to appreciate the bold and true journalism by The Daily Star. You are a ray of hope for the people of Bangladesh. Keep up the good work!

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