Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Bigots attack …
Bigots attack Jamalpur Ahmadiyyas

The Daily Star
Vol. 5 Num 419Sun. July 31, 2005

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Bigots attack Jamalpur Ahmadiyyas

Bdnews, Dhaka

Ahmadiyya community at a village in Sharishabari of Jamalpur district came under attack on Friday night.

Sources said bigots attacked the Ahmadiyyas at midnight when they gathered at the house of their local ameer at Baushi Ijarapara village near Sharishabari Bazar to watch the live TV broadcast of International Ahmadiyya Convention from London.

The attackers allegedly led by Ismail Master and Ishaq ransacked some Ahmadiyya houses. On information, police rushed to the spot and dispersed the attackers, charging batons.

Ameer of Sharishabari Ahmadiyya Jamaat Shamsuddin Master told the news agency over phone that local union parishad (UP) chairman Shamim might be involved in the attack.

“A general diary (GD) was filed with Sharishabari Police Station, mentioning the names of six people, as police refused to take any case in this regard,” he said.

Tauhidul Islam, spokesman for the central Ahamadiyya mission, said the attack is part of the ongoing anti-Ahmadiyya campaign.

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