Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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‘Expelled’ Noorani to make public ‘hidden agenda’

The Daily Star
Vol. 5 Num 460Sat. September 10, 2005

Front Page

‘Expelled’ Noorani to make public ‘hidden agenda’

Staff Correspondent

International Khatme Nubuwat Movement, Bangladesh (IKNMB), a platform for anti-Ahmadiyya campaigners, has expelled a top leader of the outfit for ‘anti-organisational activities.‘

Ameer (president) of Khatme Nabuwat Mahmudul Hasan Mamtazi and Secretary General Nazmul Haq yesterday at a press conference in the city said Mufti Noor Hussain Noorani, senior nayeb-e-ameer (vice-president) of IKNMB, was dismissed from the organisation on September 4.

Mamtazi and Haq also told the press conference arranged at Khatme Nabuwat’s Tejgaon central office the decision was taken after Noorani had taken the Ahmadiyyas’ side, taking money from them.

When contacted on his cellphone, Noorani said, “The expulsion decision is illegal. As they [IKNMB top brass] are uncultured and illiterate, they don’t know how to expel one from a party. One cannot be expelled from an organisation, without giving him a scope to defend his position.”

Mentioning that the organisation does not have any constitution, he said,

“They have an ulterior motive for their action. And I will go public with their hidden agenda.”

Ameer and secretary general of Khatme Nabuwat at the press conference said all the scheduled agitation programmes against the Ahmadiyyas will continue. The organisation has declared to hold a mass rally and ‘court arrest’ programme on September 30, demanding the government declare the sect ‘non-Muslim’.

Earlier on Thursday, Noorani at a press conference postponed the programmes against the Ahmadiyyas, considering the situation prevailing in the country after August 17 blasts.

Mamtazi and his secretary general have called yesterday’s press conference in reply to Noorani’s.

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