Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Islamic extremists plan to capture Ahmadiyya mosques in Bangladesh
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Posted on 11 Sep 2005 # ANI

Islamic extremists plan to capture Ahmadiyya mosques in Bangladesh

By Nazrul Islam, Dhaka : Islamic extremists in Bangladesh have vowed afresh to go ahead with a hate campaign against the minority religious sect, Ahmadiayya Muslim community, announcing that they would capture the sect’s mosque one after another across the country.

The International Khatme Nubuwat Movement on Friday also announced to lay siege to an Ahmadiyya mosque at Tejgaon in the capital on September 30.

“Some people may be misguided. They may forsake the true path. But we must stick to our programmes. We must carry out our programmes including capturing the Ahmadiyya mosque,’ said, Mahmudul Hasan Mamatazi, one of the top leaders of the anti-Ahmadiyya platform in Bangladesh.

He addressed at a press conference at its office on Friday and said they would carry out their hate campaign against the Ahmadiyya Muslim sect until their demand to declare the Ahmadiyya as non-Muslim was met.

The Islamist bigots in Bangladesh have long been demanding for a

ban on the Ahmadiyya community as according to them the

Ahmadiyyans are not true Muslims

They urged the government to declare Ahmadiyya as non-Muslims and launched a series of programmes a couple of years ago when they attacked Ahmadiyya mosques and people in different parts of the country over the period.

The International Khatme Nubuwat however split up on Thursday over the question of carrying out its programmes announced earlier in the backdrop of the August 17 chain bombings across the country and police haunts against the extremist Islamists.

Senior nayeb-e-amir of the organisation Mufti Noor Hossain Noorani at a press conference on Thursday suspended all their ongoing anti-Ahmadiyya programmes because of the latest situation arisen after the wave of blasts across the country.

Mamatazi on Friday accused Noorani of taking bribes from the Ahmadiyya Muslim sect to act against the organisation.

He declared Noorani ‘unwanted’ across the country saying Noorani had tarnished the image of the organisation. He also called upon Muslims to take part in the demonstration on September 30.

On the face of Islamists’ pressure the government of Khaleda Zia had imposed a ban on all publications of the Ahmadiyya community in Bangladesh, which a High Court bench later stayed.


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