Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Khatme Nabuwat deadline to govt

The Daily Star
Vol. 5 Num 480Sat. October 01, 2005

Front Page

Khatme Nabuwat deadline to govt

Staff Correspondent

Religious bigots led by International Khatme Nabuwat Movement Bangladesh (IKNMB) at a rally in the capital yesterday demanded that the government enact a law by December 23 declaring the Ahmadiyyas non-Muslim.

Giving the deadline, the bigots warned that if their demand is not met they will capture all Ahmadiya complexes in the country.

The rally held at Tejgaon-Nabisco intersection was addressed by IKNMB leaders and attended by about 1,000 zealots.

The speakers said on expiry of the deadline, they will first occupy the Ahmadiyya headquarters at Bakshibazar in the city and then other Ahmadiyya complexes in the country.

They will save the ‘dignity of Islam and Khatme Nabuwat Movement’ at any cost, the speakers said.

The IKNMB will hold a ‘grand rally’ on October 28 at the same intersection to press its demands, its leaders said.

They cautioned that the BNP-Jamaat ruling alliance will suffer a debacle in the next national elections if it fails to declare the Ahmadiyyas non-Muslim.

Tight security was maintained at and around the rally venue to avert any untoward incidents. Around 1,000 police personnel were deployed there and no vehicles were allowed to pass through Nabisco intersection for about four hours from noon.

IKNMB Ameer Mahmudul Hasan Muntajir said although the parties in the ruling coalition claim themselves as nationalist and pro-Islam, they are just silent spectators to anti-Islamic activities. “We warn the government not to play such a role over an issue linked to the dignity of Islam. Its silence will bring danger for it,” he said.

He also said activists of Khatme Nabuwat will not occupy or demolish any religious complexes of the Ahmadiyyas if the government declares them non-Muslim.

Muhammad Nazmul Huq, Secretary General of the IKNMB said, “We do not have any complaint against the Christians, Hindus and also Ahmadiyyas but what we want is they (Ahmadiyyas) must live as non-Muslim like people of other religions.”

This is a ‘reasonable’ demand because the Ahmadiyyas do not admit that Hazrat Mohammad (SM) is the last prophet.

Other speakers included Mamatajul Karim, Enayatullah Abbasi, Mujibul Rahman Juktibadi, Abu Taher, Azizur Rahman and Mansurul Huq.

A procession brought out later was intercepted by police near the Tibbat intersection.

IKNMB organised the rally and procession following its ‘court arrest’ programme.

None was however arrested.

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