Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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The tirade against Ahmadiyyas again

The Daily Star
Vol. 5 Num 735Thu. June 22, 2006


The tirade against Ahmadiyyas again
It must be stopped once and for all

It is a matter of great worry that the Khatme Nabuwat Andolon (KNA), a fiercely anti-Ahmadiyya outfit, is again planning to attack a mosque of the beleaguered community in Uttara next Friday. Twenty-two Ahmadiyya families are now apparently at the mercy of the organisation which wants them to be declared non-Muslims. It is an exact repetition of incidents in which the Ahmaddiyyas were targeted in the past. The KNA activists usually select an Ahmadiyya mosque, launch a massive hate campaign, and then try to evict the Ahmadiyyas from their own mosque.

Now, this is a kind of outburst of religious fanaticism which could only create a sense of great insecurity not only among the Ahmadiyyas, but also among all small sects or religious communities.

The right to pursue any religious faith equally and freely is guaranteed to every citizen both by our constitution and religion – a point that we have raised several times in the past while commenting on such issues. There is absolutely no room for such persecution of a small group of people in the name of serving Islam. Islam does not need the service of the people who don’t know that it is a religion which treats oppression of any type as an unpardonable offence.

The KNA modus operandi deserves a closer look. They try to revive the issue of Ahmadiyya bashing whenever it looks like losing its tempo. And they have been putting pressure on the government to declare the Ahamadiyyas non-Muslims. They seem to be quite well organised.

The government should not evade the issue as the KNA activists are adopting a more and more threatening posture. The violation of law is so blatant in this case that one doesn’t need to be a legal expert to understand that the rights of a small group of people are being encroached upon by zealots having no authority to decide who is a Muslim and who is not. These self-styled custodians of Islam must be reined in before they start intimidating the followers of other faiths as well.

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