Religious Persecution of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
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Religius Minister Again Declares Govt’s Ban On Ahmadiyah

Harian Berita Sore Online Minggu, 21 Agustus 2005  

Religius Minister Again Declares Govt’s Ban On Ahmadiyah

Jakarta ( Berita ) : Religious Minister Maftuh Basyuni reaffirmed that the government has actually banned the spread of Ahmadiyah in Indonesia, as it is against the Islamic teachings.

“Ahmadiyah was already banned by the government long time ago, because its teaching was against the main religious tennets in Islam,” the minister told the press before opening the camping activity by the youths, activists of non governmental organizations and inter-faith religious organizations in Cibubur Camping Ground on Saturday’s evening.

According to him, Islam only recognizes one God and embraces the teachings of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Therefore outside two main pillars of Islamic teachings (either those propagated by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad who is regarded by Ahmadiyah as a prophet) is not in the context of Islam.

“If Ahmadiyah claims its teachings outside Islam, there will be no problem. But if it remains claiming its teachings as part of Islam, it is totally unjustified,” Maftuh said.

On the measures the government will take against Ahmadiyah, Mahfud said it is actually in the domain of Attorney General. However, a ban for Ahmadiyah from propagating its teachings is actually in line with the statement of President some time ago which also underlined a prohibition for Ahmadiyah.

However, he stressed, the people are not allowed to take the law into their hands and to commit anarchy or violence against Ahamdiyah.

On the occasion of his address before hundreds of youth representing five religions throughout Indonesia, the minister expressed the need to develop faith of their respective religious tenets.

As a multicultural nation and the teachings of each religion, religious difference should be seen as something natural and bless for human beings, he said.

Religious conflict will never create a conducive condition for the stability and development of the state and therefore it needs to be handled seriously. In return, religious tolerence should be preserved continously. (ant)

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